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    Audio Video Web Conferencing : Cormega - Beautiful Mind

    Info, my dear Brother, you are on point of course. Let's not forget the original, by Isaac Hayes. One, - Ikoro
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    Black People : Guns, Germs, and Steel

    Greetings. I have the book in my shelf, and got it from a white french woman actually. And since it was written by a white I sort of put off reading it. But reading the back of it I knew it would be very interesting, and sometime in 2012 I should read it. Thanks for the heads up, family. One...
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    Black Men : Know how to fight?

    Still a relevant question!
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    Black Poetry : Flake Rotation

    Massive! So on point, fam. Loved it. Serene flow, not repetitive either. One, - Ikoro
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    Black Poetry : Cacti people

    Can't sleep on this. One, - Ikoro
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    Black Poetry : the 12th month

    Much respect to this man. So much. One, - Ikoro
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    You know I still gots love for this piece. One, - Ikoro
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    Black People : Trying not to snap dealing with his wife.

    Peace, Beloved. What you need to do is have a sit down with your husband and his wife present, and talk this out calmly. You have accumulated some points, so bring them up ('last week she said so and so, I felt this was disrespectful' or 'just the other day I got the feeling she was suggesting...
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    Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : do we embrace white people?

    Oh, you must be white? Just playing ;) What a technical approach. Absolutely astounding! One, - Ikoro
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    Black People : What would you do if you had a Time Machine?

    I have so many things I regret. But honestly, if I had a time machine I would destroy it. Because changing anything in the past might undo my beautiful son - and I can't find it in my heart to undo him. In extension, that applies to all our great leaders, women and men. And changing the past...
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    Podcasts / MP3s / Audio : No One Really Loves a Black Man (Posted by Permission)

    I loved it thru and thru. Her vocals wasn't recorded in studio tho, right? Also feeling the instrumental bit at the end, with just your beat and those keys. Well done, fam. And give that Sister a big thank you. Who's doing 'Nobody really loves a black woman'? Sign me up if you need that :D...
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    Spoken Word : No One Really Loves A Black Man (Posted by Permission)

    Oh man, that was great..... wait. I don't see anything :(
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    The Front Porch : Introducing Team Afro and

    Peace and welcome. Loving it, will check it out. Is it FUBU thought? That is a critical question. One, - Ikoro
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    Black Poetry : Lemonade & Lawnmowers

    Peace Brother. I was feeling this, from the flow to the content. I hope for your sake it is based on a true story - yours :) Much Love and Respect for sharing this beautiful piece. One, - Ikoro
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    African Traditional Religion : Esu/Elegbara

    Peace fam. It is spelled Igbo, and indeed it is another thing entirely. Igbo's practice different things based on what region they live in, ancestral lineage and so forth. The religion or faith of Igbo's has been termed Odinani (various spellings). Also, does anybody know where Brother Awo...