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    Black People : Black Indians

    blackbird, whats goin on bruh?? I appreciate all of the info you have presented here and I have the pimsleur program for learning the basic ojibwe language ( Ha'Nin! or "hello" I think). I have still not been able to contact anyone on rockyboy and I understand that oppurtunists have been...
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    Black People : Black Indians

    Sidenote: Contacting the chippewa cree people is still in vain. I will just keep emailing. I know that they may be suspicious of outsiders and that I cannot walk into someones proverbial home and make demands without making a contribution to them sustaining themselves. I do not plan on trading...
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    Black People : the 7th generation philosophy

    I have traced my patrilineal ancestry back to africa and matrilineal back to the native american people. It is not 7 generations but more like 3-5. I will be getting a DNA test to determine the exact ethic group in africa,then I have to convince moms to get one so that I know the exact ethnic...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Resignation... to Shadows...

    Before you leave I wanna say thanks alot Blackbird for all of your insights and revelations.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : What does your religion do for Black People?

    Sup knowledge.... I do not know about everyone else but I have a hard time believing in anything more than I can believe in myself. I learned the hardway that it is not my nature as an individual to believe that all the important things are written down in books...that is just me as an...
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    Egypt : Was West Africa populated by Egyptians?

    You know blackbird, I learned the hard way that this may be true, but I woud like to know your reasoning behind it to see if it coincideds with my reasoning from my experiences.
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    Egypt : Was West Africa populated by Egyptians?

    your welcome on those references, I have read some of their works and they both have vids on google and youtube if you do not want to buy the books.
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    Egypt : Was West Africa populated by Egyptians?

    Yes a paradigm shift is necessary for now and later... excuse my incoherent typing because I am jamming to the red bull singers.....I have a question that goes off on a tangent though. Vusamazulu mutwa mentions, in Indaba My Children, a "great transformation of humanity", have you heard of this...
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    Egypt : Was West Africa populated by Egyptians?

    A while back a guy once posted that KMT was one of the last great nations, and not the first, they also left the most records that have been revealed by the west, I would like to know the earlier nations though, I believe that KMT started before it was called KMT....
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    Black People : Black Indians

    Yes, one of my grandmothers was half chippewa cree. Thanks for tellin me they are hard contacts, it is all them more reason for me to try harder. I hope they still have some records left because I have some names....
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    Egypt : Was West Africa populated by Egyptians?
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    Black People : Black Indians

    Aye black bird, whats up. I have been recently been attempting to contact the Chippewa-cree nation and I can never seem to get them on the phone where I explain that I am interested in their records to see if my paternal great great grandmother is in them. Any suggestions?
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    Black People : The Butt

    NSFW.......NSFW.... do you like drink blackbird?? who do you smoke with??