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    Black Poetry : Ego Trippin’

    Howard grabs a box of cereal and heads towards one of the rooms upstairs partygoer : hey!!!!!! he’s eating the Life of the party howard : relax guys there’s plenty left see [pointing] partygoers : oh okay Howard turns around grabs the hand of the nearest fox...
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    Black Poetry : Appreciating her Water Fountain

    passenger : Howard … you mind if i call you Howard before Howard can answer if there's one thing i've learned about women is that you're better off if you do things the broad's way howard : sounds to me like you have a broad way of looking at things passenger : you better...
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    Black Poetry : Breaking Bad Habits

    detective #1 : he wasn't lying to his sleuth he was crying to his sleuth detective #2 : so what's the tie-in to his sleuth detective #1 : i'm...
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    Black Poetry : Waiting for our Dream Walkers

    rand : i see you Howard howard : i see you Car'a'carn rand : may you always find water and shade howard : may you always find water with your shade rand : amen brother somebody switches on the lights howard : you’re right Eve these night vision goggles do work...
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    Black Poetry : Comparing Mp3 players

    friend : is that the Best Buy? [pointing] howard : yes [they pull up] [inside] howard : is that the best buy? [she smiles] yes but i’d give this model right here a 1st round bye if i were you howard : hmmm …. [later] howard : that cashier had the best...
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    Black Poetry : The Collected Works Of Howardtsu

    what's up skuderjaymes who is this Howard Mcclain guy i'd like to meet him :D
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    Black Poetry : The Price of Slippin'

    howard : Eve you're trippin' donuts? eve : yes, donuts i figure after that whippin' you took on Wallstreet yesterday you deserve something sweet...
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    Black Poetry : Charmed and Dangerous

    howard : Eve i'm needing your total surrender eve : Howard i can hit the moving target just give me one more chance howard : alright Eve one more...
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    Black Poetry : Touching me with Fire

    thanks $$rich$$ thanks skuderjaymes
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    Black Poetry : Touching me with Fire

    eve : do you think it's in vogue to romance a charming rogue? jodi : if his desire is to pleasure a lady i don't see why not Eve be sure to put out the campfire...
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    Black Poetry : Regaining my Swagger

    eve’s husband : Howard i didn't know you were going to make it your life's work to talk about my wife's work howard : i didn’t either life’s full of quirks i guess tutor stops reading hands it back to Howard tutor : i like it this way has she read any of...
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    Black Poetry : The Way we Were

    Eve shut the door and closed the door to her sunrise and imagined what it would be like if Howard was meeting her every Wednesday for a Thickburger and curly fries why did he leave me? he had been such a slick burger so quick to compliment her burgers you would've thought the way they...
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    Black Poetry : Answered Prayers

    eve : Howard we can do this one day at a time if we read to each other One Day at a Time howard : but why this particular book eve : you’re right how about … ? whoa … !! typing into the computer check out this list of books howard : that’s a lot after a few minutes have you found...