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  • Brother Hiphopolx ... i don't know! :eeek: ... i was gonna suggest we do a test, and see, but we're already on each other's friend list! Oh wait ... i'll log in as Test and send you a friend invite, don't invite Test to be your friend, and let's see how it works ...
    Greetings Brother HipHopolx!

    Aw my brother WHAT can I possibly SAY to you, in writing, that could touch the thoughts and feelings as I think of you and the things you have given me!?

    I have NOT let go of the Dream
    Even tho I am still lacking the Means
    To step up, stand up and be seen
    Most times I just wanna Scream
    Yet in the end I KNOW
    It's the Creator who decides where I go
    and how I get their too

    Just wanted to drop
    a Big Thanx to YOU
    For sharing somethings which have stuck like glue
    and let me know your Care is True

    Peace and Blessings Brother HipHopolx !!! ... :love:

    Thank you so much for your continued love and support!

    It is so appreciated! :bowdown:

    Much Love and Peace.


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