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    Black Spirituality Religion : God Wants Me to Be Rich

    The statement below is the tagline of the article that follows. Are some religious leaders using the bad economy to enrich themselves? Joel Osteen preaches the virtues of prosperity -- for himself as well as his congregation. A look at the man who may well be one of the biggest beneficiaries...
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    Black People Politics : McCain To Obama: Welcome Home, Troop Hater

    John McCain is welcoming Barack Obama back to America with a hard right cross. The message of the Republican's new attack ad that debuted Saturday both perfects and makes more harsh a theme that his campaign has been developing for weeks: specifically, that the Illinois Democrat does not care...
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    Black People : Lil' Kim & Foxy Brown Renege on Books

    This article stood out to me as someone that has written three books and knows how much time and effort it requires. Some people try for years to land a publishing contract. To see how these deals come to celebrities and how these two flushed it away is sad. We know these were quick hit money...
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    Black Sports : WNBA Brawl

    Ladies, ladies. Dainty shrinking violets playing with a basketball. http://*************
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    Black People : Wendy Williams & Omarosa Clash

    Are they being real or just playing roles? http://*************
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    Black People Politics : Magazine Covers –Drooling McCain vs Muslim Obama

    Here we go. Now the political season is really on. Is this similar or something totally different than the New Yorker’s cover with Obama?
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    Black People Politics : New Yorker Cover-Obama as Muslim, Burns Flag, Loves Osama, Fist-Bumping

    Is this cover funny or just over the line? http://*************
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    Black People Politics : Jesse's "favor" to Obama?

    Could it be that Jesse Jackson just won the general election for Obama. Nothing brings white voters together like being against Jackson. No amount of bowling, beer drinking or pool playing would give Obama the credibility of having Jesse Jackson taking a bold swipe at him. "The enemy of my...
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    Black Authors : Free Reads For Everyone

    This is something to read for your holiday weekend, just click on the links. Feel free to forward this to your friends. Rooftop Diva – A Novel of Triumph After Katrina – Fools’ Heaven – Love, Lust and Death Beyond the...
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    Black People Politics : NYT- “Obama New And Not Improved”

    I found this to be very interesting. Senator Barack Obama stirred his legions of supporters, and raised our hopes, promising to change the old order of things. He spoke with passion about breaking out of the partisan mold of bickering and catering to special pleaders, promised to end...
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    Black People Politics : Black Republicans Launch Racial Anti-Obama Ads

    Wow! That’s all I can say to this. Rooftop Diva – A Novel of Triumph After Katrina- ESSENCE bestseller Fools’ Heaven – Love, Lust and Death beyond the Pulpit...
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    Black People Politics : Obama is “John Kerry with a tan.”

    Yesterday, Grover Norquist — an influential supporter of John McCain — did exactly what Obama predicted would happen, making a not-so-subtle reference to Obama’s skin color: This election campaign is headed off of the rails and its...
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    Black Authors : Omar Tyree Retires from Urban Literature

    This is an interesting article. Tyree says he through with Urban Lit. The main reason seems to be that the genre is now calling the shots. Retailers are even geetting into how gritty the title sounds as it relates to sales. This is the link to his article...
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    Black People : Don Imus asks, "What Color is he?"

    Don Imus does it again. When one of his sidekicks listed all of the trouble that pro football player Adam "Pacman" Jones has been in, Imus asked what color he was. The answer was that Pacman was African America. Imus reply indicated that if he was black then why was anyone surprised at his...
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    Black People Politics : Obama "Sock Monkey" for sale

    Unbelievably a Utah company has an Obama Sock Monkey doll for sale online. They said they didn't think it was racist at all. This is the link: This reminds me of the time I drove with my family to Disneyworld and we pulled up to a gas station in Alabama. In the...