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  • How are you Brother Harry Hyman? I am having an inquiry for you. Have you recieved any e-mails from me? I am asking because there is possibility that you did not. Please let me know.:)
    :wave:Hey Harry,
    I came through to wish you a healthy and happy New Year! Also, to let you know your absence has been noticed and you are missed.

    Hi, I just want you to know I enjoy reading your work. It was a pleasure to read the giggle. Lately I haven't had a chance to participate in writing bc of school but reading your poetry is a great outlet for me. Your talent is amazing. Much Love Ladybelle
    Come on now Harry, you got both of your peeps wanting your official Friendship, check the first e-mail address you gave Destee. These requests go to that address, I have helped a lot of the Family to do this, and its enjoyable.........Clyde and sweet apple*pie
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