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  • Greetings Young Sister. It is a pleasure to have you With us. Make yourself at home and share your imperative knowledge so that we may all benefit. If you should need anything, do not hesitate to contact me or any of the moderators of this forum. GOD Bless You and Welcome.

    Forum Moderator

    Again, you have done well, you are learning the site and have the attention of us here at Destee.com. But, it is my belief that for you to get overly invovled with back and forth dialogue will only confuse you about the make up of people at Destee.com.

    We are a loving family here that is also with its problems, but for the most part, we are serious about Black People where ever they are located. Understand, your thread is in an Open Forum, which means it is open for debate and different opinions.

    The same about the Chat Room, it is open to anyone and is non-restrictive to expressed view points. So, please give me some sign that you understand exactly what it is I am saying and will not allow some, as Zulile has said, and she is a forum moderator, to distract the purpose of you coming to us for the help that some of us can provide.

    Clyde.........your friend

    Sorry I missed you on yesterday, but do continue to come back, sweetheart, K. Also check your e-mail and Thread(Open letter to Obama from Denmark)


    Thanks for the Friendship, now please answer my question in the post I submitted on the religious beliefs of the DPP. With this, I will be able to give you some pointers to offset their propaganda.


    Your shout-out is well received and desirous of Real Effort. This is the internet, which means we are not as far away anymore. More info of your stated facts can become an issue for us, but that requires to take a more serious approach at dialogue. With dialogue, we can present the details and a more firm ground upon which to stand.

    If you are receptive to my thoughts, then accept this extended hand of Friendship and lets begin the journey.

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
    Bless your heart, HanaCampbell!

    I encourage you to enjoy your new Destee Family, for we are truly Blessed. Much Love and Respect to you. Make yourself at home!

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