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  • to the line where beautay and it meet, the cuff spots, where if i speak with bass around to inner, it vibrates nerves like a tickle and pleasure, inseparable, switching to the other side and doing the same, then i reach directly underneath your hand, kiss the krown of it,
    Sandy smooth feet, caramel rich taste around your ankles, still a peek-a-boo show, with your sapphire colored nails, showing me your bounce, the little bounce, squinting from behind like blowing kisses, pushing apart the guitars, they are so soft, i put the left one across my body as i got under, massaged and massaged moving slightly further up,
    you use your hands to shape it, the pleasure i enjoy it, excite you felt, you got up then knelt, hands on my chest, deepening the moanumet, hardening it's meaning, warming up by the sun, until sunset, we merged as the birds witnessed, the dolphins heard the quivers, the seahorses shivered, we created love.
    the fruit of my soul, fill me up more, like the sea entity in watery form, i be the earth erected as clay so we can form, from the bottom you arise, from the bottom i arise, i lay down like island of pure love, as you walk towards the surface, we form an idea of the moanumet,
    you attract me like the planets with explanation, i seek you without hesistation, all around you walking in your space ready, waving and posing with a rose of you, writing smooth tunes tones can pitch, you are my quench to my thirst, which is love and all above, the quality in my story, the tale when i see you completely, pinkish-red like a watermelon, juicy to the fullest,
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