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    Black People : "Evony : the kings return" game- Need help on a racist in a game that threaten to shoot black people

    Sir if you feel a crime has been committed against yourself involving a direct threat of bodily harm to you on another forum you need to address it with the sites administrator and or the police not try to involve members of this site whether to join that site and help fight your battle or even...
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    NOT TRUE. Very few Black causes were coopted by anybody from the start. Insertion by special interest groups "usually White and for the most part law enforcement agencies or foreign interest agents hostile to America" were enacted later to corrupt the core values of the Black cause to redirect...
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    Black People Politics : REALLY? Trump vs. Biden

    Now it would be the perfect team if he picked Jay-Z for vice president of America. If that were to occur I would tell my parents that I must grow up and go back to America to live all the time.
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    Black People Politics : REALLY? Trump vs. Biden

    President Trump is just as bad if not worst then Former Vice President Biden who authored the Crime Bill under the tutelage of Former President Obama. Fear not though because Kanye West is alluding to his stepping into the ring for the 2020 bid. What party's flag will he opt for is yet to be...
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    Black People : Mary L Trump on President "Love That Goya" Trump

    The one that got away.
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    Law Forum : President Trumps DHS & FPS Jackboots Whisk Away Portland Protesters In Unmarked Vehicles
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Join The Goya Boycott

    Once again the Hispanics in America sell out Blacks in America. President Trump step on neck of Central Americans and jail them and their kids so they step on neck of Black Americans. Thank you very much.......NOT!!!
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    Law Forum : Coronavirus Black Lives Matter Protest President Trump Upcoming Election & Martial Law

    It has happened before and it could happen again.
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    Black People : Exposed - The New Black Panther Party & the NFAC

    In America sometimes violence and even the implied threat of violence is the only way. It's the legacy of revolution.
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    Health and Wellness : COVID-19 Parties To Catch Disease and Get Money

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    Black Christians : Numerology in Christianity

    Okay you said you have questions so where are your questions, please?
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    Black People : Divine Truth About Black Lives Matters

    If what you suggest American Blacks to go to Africa to do what? Maybe before talking bad to Black Americans who were born here and only know here which you are one of maybe you should address how Liberia treat Black Americans who sought to accept the invitation to move there and still being...
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    Law Forum : Police Killings of Citizens in 2019

    Thank you, still not one hundred percent , but alive.
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    Black People Politics : Toppling Statues and Removing Racist State Flags Should Not be The legacy of The Untimely Demise of George Floyd

    Black America new beginning should be much much more then band aid fixes and hollow gestures.