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Jan 26, 2012
Sep 7, 2009
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Full Speed

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Jan 26, 2012
    1. cherryblossom
      Hey, stranger!....I couldn't help but "bump up" that thread; but no offense meant either....It crossed my mind from some recent threads, is all. --- You've been gone awhile, though....'Hope everything's okay with you and yours.
    2. chuck
      I feel and think that folks here are either don't believe that people can evolve/change/grow or believe that others need to just place their blind faith in some solution they put forth...I reject the first approach as a given, but the second replies folks to prove their theory (proposal) via putting it into practice (practical application).
    3. Destee
      Good to have you back in the house ... i missed you! <3
    4. skuderjaymes
      slowdown fullspeed.. slowdown.
    5. LindaChavis
      Hello Bro Full Speed. I hope your doing well this day.
    6. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      Thank you Brother Full Speed for accepting my hand in friendship and congratulations on becoming a Premium member in support of this great site.

    7. MRS. LADY
    8. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      Brother Full Speed,

      Your style of debate and discussion in the Agree to Disagree thread is formidable, to say the least...Here is a link I am sharing with you to bring the point home:

      [ame="http://destee.com/forums/showpost.php?p=569830&postcount=828"]dotDefender Blocked Your Request[/ame]

      To capture the whole dialogue, simply navigate to the top right side of the page and click on Thread Discussion, if you have time or care to review, I think you will find it very interesting, trust me...Peace In my brother friend,

    9. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      Full Speed,

      Thank you for accepting my friendship, and I look forward to dialoguing with you,

    10. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      Full Speed,

      Gotta love that screen name, for real:). Its full speed ahead and then some:). Well Full Speed, here goes my friendship request, how about it...

      Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
      Author, Does Color Matter?
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