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    Thank you! Feels good to be back.

    Thank you! Feels good to be back.
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    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    My point is that isn’t it very obvious as exemplified by just how successful the Black Wall Street was within the legal framework/fundamentally hostile status quo that it had to be destroyed by military force, underline exactly why it is still a valid template for the organisation of our...
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    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    :) No, Orisons, I don't feel emasculated. I'm a woman, bro:cheerleader: We *both* can have valid points about the history *and the people* who were the original Black Wall Streeters. Truth is, we seem to see the significance of the Greenwood folks and the tragedy that they lived through...
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    Black Parenting : Mother Embarrasses Her Little Daughter For Acting Up In School

    First, I guess mom's decided on this kind of response in lieu of a butt whuppin. I hope this works positively (for both of them), especially the part about facebook (even as it has also made it to youtube). Second, I suspect her daughter will think at least twice about acting up in class...
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    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    Funny you should wonder (in regards to what those wealthy and well-to-do people *did* with their wealth), Orisons. Funny. They INVESTED in the educations and businesses belonging to fellow Negroes STATEWIDE! They paid for full ride college educations for children that *were not* their own...
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    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    Yeah. The 'disappeared' white teacher that would PUSH for excellence (like in the then *old days*). Truth is, I had 2 of them--one in the 8th grade in Az, and one in the 10th grade in Kali. Mrs. Johnson in algebra/geometry/pre-trig/pre-calc--her stuff covered ALL of those areas and she very...
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    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    I'll tell you this much, KPITRL, I recall having only Black teachers, women AND men as teachers up until 1970. In 1970, *all of a sudden* I had more white women teachers than anything else! I'm saying, white women teachers *teaching* us Black kids in hood schools! Filling out the admin...
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    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    In my family, the *fight* was only worthwhile IF 'separate but equal' really would have turned out to be *separate* but EQUAL, with equality to mean more of the communities' tax dollars coming back into our communities. At that time, the largest segregated Negro community in Phoenix (known as...
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    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    Well, I can't honestly say that yt wouldn't have come a'huntin eventually, myself--mainly because *integration* nationwide pretty much shredded most all of our prior segregated communities, so why not Phoenix's communities, too--but I do remember the times I'm posting about--particularly here...
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    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    I should add: The Negro Phoenicians--the ones who actually encouraged the Greenwood exodus to Phoenix in the first place--they, too, took this same lesson to heart (no flashing in regards to wealth-building), and this is why yt NEVER came hunting to destroy segregated *Black Phoenix*. Thus...
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    Black People : Not All Of Us Are Gonna Make It

    Orisons, in the aftermath of the destruction of Black Wallstreet, quite a few families/businesses came *by invitation* to Phoenix, Arizona. Here, they were able to set themselves up, again, first as thriving families and as *experienced* business entrepreneurs, but within the socio-political...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Francis Bacon and the JAMES 1st BIBLE

    Keita and Shikamaru: You both might find this interview interesting: Here's an excerpt: MISHLOVE: Is there anything more specific about Bacon's work -- we have about a minute left -- that addresses us today? You said he set things in...
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    Black People Politics : Correlational Matrix Between Polygyny and Rape

    Polyandry. Maybe 7-8 years ago, at a different site, I was posting to a member who was really strongly opposed to polyandry (the forum topic). He argued from the position that he couldn't imagine how any people could prosper under such a marriage system. Though against polygamy--he was a staunch...
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    Know that *you're welcome*.

    Know that *you're welcome*.
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    Black People : Guess What Our 16th Birthday Present is - and Win a Year of Premium Membership - 24 HOUR CONTEST !!

    Poets will be able to not only post their works, but they'll be able to include an audio reading of each poem, too? One Love, and PEACE