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    Black Relationships : He'd Rather Have a White Girl

    Also I feel we have to try to look from these peoples perspectives...those black men that do think there is something wrong with black women we have to see that somewhere in their life they have maybe had a traumatic experience with a black women, they may dislike their mom, they may have been...
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    Black Relationships : He'd Rather Have a White Girl

    I think that people should stop stereotyping "black women". I read one post that said why when black women get angry they blah blah blah...first of all they all don't do what you have experienced. Why do people take their experiences and glue them to a whole category of people. It doesn't make...
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    Black Relationships : He'd Rather Have a White Girl

    I don't think that money makes a man the best man:lol: ...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Black Man...did you tell a 乃lack ❤oman she's 乃eautiful today?

    Nothing happened :) lol what I mean by everyone is not attracted to everyone they see is... as some people catch your eye and draw you in and some don't, not that they are ugly but just unattractive, that's it. I do believe everyone is beautiful in their own unique way but I cannot say I am...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Black Man...did you tell a 乃lack ❤oman she's 乃eautiful today?

    I just wanted to add we should say words of kindness to each other, our men need their ego's stroked too lol...also has anyone else ever had a man tell them they were beautiful but you just feel like it wasn't sincere, and that he is just telling you what you want to hear or trying to flatter...
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    Black People : How I Got Over the Hate of So Called White People <3

    James a persons skin color does not matter to me anymore. Even the earth does damage to us... do we hate the earth...we see the good it yields and take what is good from it. I feel it is the same with people after all we all return to the earth and are of the same make having different...
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    Black People : Women and Children Homeless

    One thing I have learned through my experiences is that we have to look at the whole picture, not just the fault in one in the relationship because it takes two. the idea is not to find blame but to assist ourselves In healing. Even an abuser needs to heal. I have memories of what I have been...
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    Black People : “If you offend, ask for a pardon; if offended forgive.”

    I'm not sure if I get what you are trying to say, it is a bit unclear to me, but your last question... am I so quick to forgive? I am not quick to forgive. :) I believe I mentioned that (the word implies forgive and forget) depending on what they did... sometimes it's traumatic and people cant...
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    Black Relationships : Would Marry Your Deceased Friend's Spouse?

    I don't see a problem with it if that's what they wanted... Though personally I don't think I would be able to look at my friend's husband in that light idk. Then if they have children and all could be really problematic just depends...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : Birds and the Bees

    momma always told'u bout the birds and the bees she didn't have to tell you that those bees sting lured by the honey smh, what's the word?....Naïve you danced to the song til the end of the fight til you finally heard the bells ring fled his cave in the heat of the night in your rage you act...
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    The Front Porch : Ask a white guy anything.....

    This is a big misconception people can you represent so called "white people" alone? or your friend so called "black people"? It is impossible for you to clear up disconnect because we all are different for instance I don't have a disconnect so... :). I think it would be better to...
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    Black People : Fox News Hires Paula Deen for New Cooking Show

    Do you realize at the end of the article the writer says that it is all made up and its not real news just prose someone wrote as a joke...?