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    Black Ancestors : THE GREAT CURTIS MAYFIELD...

    One of my favorite artists. Move On Up is my fave song of his
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    Black People : New Drug in S. Africa Called Whoonga

    What's yours? *rolls eyes* For someone who acts like they have all the answers, you sure ask a lot of questions. I'm not an internet warrior, the real work happens out in the world, not simply online. I'm not interested in being baited into a back and forth with you.
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    Black People : New Drug in S. Africa Called Whoonga

    You prove my point lol. All you do is hoot and holler online...Moving right along...
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    Black People : New Drug in S. Africa Called Whoonga

    I've read enough of your posts Ankhur to know that you condescending and love to bait people for recreation apparently. There are numerous posts of you engaging in a back and forth with other posters and then you make threads asking whether people enjoy bickering on here. LOL. Really, though...
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    Black People : New Drug in S. Africa Called Whoonga

    'Wet' is very real. Go to the South and ask someone, they'll tell you.
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : Benefits of flax seed gel on natural hair

    I use aloe vera gel on my skin and in my hair. So soothing.
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    Black People : Researchers are at it again: Ancient humans remains found in Israel

    I read this earlier today. The researchers and the press are jumping the gun with this. All I see in the article is a lot of supposition. They don't even know if the tooth can be traced to modern human's ancestors. Nor have they presented any real evidence or supplementary evidence to...
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    Haiti : Hurricane Tomas predicted to Devestate Haiti and Hurt Jamaica

    Aton Edwards - International Preparedness Network
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    Black Entertainment : Beautiful Family: Sextuplets!!!

    What an amazing photo :) Beautiful family
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    Black People : ragnarok, white tea party in the house?

    Jamesfrmphilly - Skuderjaymes has a point. These folks are miserable in their existence. This is why they have nothing better to do but follow and leech off black people. They have an inferiority complex. Don't let them get under your skin. They will be quick to diagnose you and tell you...