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  • You must be really mulling over things because you take forever to post a response. Stop trying to fight it... :yesno:


    Just to reiterate my position, Barack Obama has challenged America to discuss race, and racial issues, if you recall, this parrots my fundamental believe that the playing field cannot be leveled until we face our differences as Americans.

    I, for one, am very grateful that Obama suggests such discussions, and those that have not developed an agenda to offer into the discussions only prolong racial healing. Rev. Wright was somewhat of a disappointment, but I quickly realized it wasn't his assignment to pull the mask off Christianity, and its failure to recognize the overwhelming presence of Blackness in the Bible. So, there has to be a discussion along these lines, otherwise, we are living lies.

    As you well know, I am ready to have such a discussion, and continue to be guided by the Holy Spirit. Meanwhile, I have tried to explain a new project here which seeks to tackle the origin of racism in order to replace ignorance with knowledge.

    This results in less activity for me inside the forums, with a focus still in the Color of the Cross thread, if my suggesting Premium Membership had anything at all to do with your final decision, then I am humble and full of humility........take care my friend.........Clyde
    Thank you My double Friend, which is to say, both inside and outside of Destee.com. Welcome back excel.

    What I will share with you is the new direction of the Family. While I understand your pursuits, we have had long talks about it, the curtain must be closed once and for all on racism. And to that end we have now assembled, Group Think, in its own Forum, to developed the origins of racism, and to have on hand our home-grown document for all to see and read, and learn.

    What will this do, it will allow us to move forward as a people in pursuit of leveling the playing field with truth, the only panacea to the racial problem, outside of God's direct intervention, so, my eyes are focused on that prize, and I can only hope that you will join in support of this significant effort. Barack Obama needs our Help, he cannot do it alone, we, as Black People, must stop fighting one another, and begin to love another, sound familiar?

    Oh, when are you going to become a Premium Member, you see you cannot stay away:)

    Author, Does Color Matter?

    We didn't get this far last time, lets try building Friendship!

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
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