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    Black Men : Are You a Male or a Man?

    Great goals to shoot for, but remember a man is but dust until he is reborn spiritually by the holy spirit. I applaud your work but let's not forget without God we are as dust.
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    Black Poetry : What in the World

    Ok I apologize I' won't post anymore for awhile I'll wait some time before I post anymore. I'm sorry
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    Black Poetry : What's That About

    What’s That About Mercy, mercy me, all around I see People caught up in the throes of complacency And everything they do is not to help you Making you uncertain of just what to do Friends and family through their vanity Driving you to the ledge of insanity Everybody wants… to get...
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    Black Poetry : We the People of Ebony

    We the People of Ebony We the people of ebony Has written in blood our legacy Across the pages of history In our continuing quest for equality From the cotton fields of slavery To the lily white halls of bigotry We’ve fought a racially biased economy In a double standard society...
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    Black Poetry : Vain and Hollow

    Vain and Hollow The word for the day is patriotic And is defined by such variety From courageous to the idiotic From common sense to sheer lunacy How much more unpatriotic am I than you Because I don’t wear a flag pin on my chest Yet you in your political view From me my citizen’s...
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    Black Poetry : The Train From Washington

    My poetry All of my POOolitical and afrocentric poetry is to raise questions and stimulate the mind
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    Black Poetry : What in the World

    What in the World We all claim to know what it is And how to go about it But as to how in love to live Can we do it I doubt it And if love means you never have to say To one another you’re sorry Why do we love in such a way That causes each other to worry And why do people who...
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    Black Poetry : The Train From Washington

    The Train From Washington Sitting and waiting Patiently anticipating The train from Washington’s arrival In this new millennium fight for survival The government agent said have no fear The man with the papers would be here But that was a hundred plus years ago Is the train coming I...
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    Black Poetry : We Took Our Eyes Off the Prize

    We Took our Eyes off the Prize We took our eyes off the prize As we started to flirt With blue eyes and ivory thighs Adorned in micro mini skirts We took our eyes off the prize As we embraced the comfort of drugs Sacrificing our wealth to patronize And enrich white-collar thugs We...
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    Black Poetry : Sable Lady

    Sable Lady Lovely brown eyes, and shimmering hair Lady I cannot forget Ebony lady of beauty rare Skin the color of jet Lovely exotic Nubian dream Skin the color of night Ebony flower of beauty supreme Vision of sable delight Sable lady of beauty so pure Love goddess of the night...
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    Black Poetry : On a Campus Tree

    On a Campus Tree Nooses hanging from a campus tree Fruits of new millennium bigotry Watered by racist ideas of irrigation Overgrowing the sanity of a nation Southern justice playing the same old game Of making examples of black patriots to their shame And if this is what local...
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    Black Poetry : What Patriotism Means to Me

    What Patriotism Means to me Patriotism means to me A runaway slave dying in a country who wasn’t free It means union soldiers who fought valiantly Though black of skin to preserve unity It means red skin people who died Helping pilgrims in a new world to survive It means white people...
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    Black Poetry : A True Legend in His Time

    A True Legend in his Time This soulful troubadour I admire Whose lyrics and music does inspire Has unofficially spoken out To all the concepts that spread fear and doubt He is not only an activist But a powerful poetic fist That strikes out against the tom foolery of Those whose...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : It's Very Necessary

    It’s Very Necessary Is February really necessary As the month we honor black history Well in the other eleven months the ordinary Way to go is to deny black people their integrity Some pondered the need for Black Entertainment TV Well with all the lily white channels presented to you...
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    Black Poetry : Well Meant Derivatives

    Well Meant Derivatives When will the media get off the throne Of Political Correctness and finally move on To uniting behind our present administration And make strides towards healing our world and nation When will our so call Christian society Get beyond their projected false...