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    Black Entertainment : Common, Pharrell, and ‘The New Black’: An Ignorant Mentality That Undermines the Black Experience

    PEACE FAMILY....As much as I love common he definitely failed with that remark. We can no longer afford to love our enemies. This is why the whites dont respect us. As long as were giving love for hate they never will. "We built your penitentiary, we built your schools, brainwashed education...
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    Comment by 'Each1teach1' in media 'Devilry'

    where did this photo come from and where can I read more about it?
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    Black Entertainment : Jay Z Does Have A Problem....

    Hey fam, Little has been said in both mass/social media regarding the double standard that exists when it comes to domestic abuse against men. Hell most people dont believe it exists, even though the world saw the video just one example that could be happening to many men and theres nothing...
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    Black People : Racism Literally Costs America $2 Trillion...Ready to Stop Payment?

    In this case they are getting all they can and canning all they get. These people dont really care whether they can gain more if they lessen the gap. Their focused on survival, because they believe that their survival is hinged on keeping everyone else down while sucking up all the worlds...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Did you know "Amazing Grace" was written by slave-trader / slave-owner - John Newton?

    I know this much already, but I assumed that theres more of a background to it as is many old english or latin words, but this definition is pretty straight forward.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Did you know "Amazing Grace" was written by slave-trader / slave-owner - John Newton?

    Peace Sis and fam, I do. Learned of it in one of Old Souls classes a few years and I was indeed 'amazed'. P.S. I would like to know what a "wretch" is as well..looks like I have some more homework today.
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    Black People : Miriam Carey - 34 Year Old Dental Hygienist - Died in White House / Capitol Hill Shooting

    I have always been a skeptic and critical of the mass mainstream media but in recent years more than ever find it increasingly difficult to believe media version of events. Are there any videos other than the one the media picked up a hour after the incident that show it in its entirety? Why is...
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    Brother AACOOLDRE : Slave beatings & Sadism

    It appears that the post clearly went over your head and you simply came here for a fight. Well your just not going to get that out of me. You havent been here long enough to be worthy, nor are you mature enough to converse without resorting to the childish level of name calling and insults...
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    Brother AACOOLDRE : Slave beatings & Sadism

    My dear sister, some things are true whether we want to accept them or not. Was "Good bye Uncle Tom" was based on historical first or second hand accounts? I dont know. What I do know is that both black men and women/children were pimped and exploited etc. The bottom line is we need to study the...
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    Brother AACOOLDRE : Slave beatings & Sadism

    This is interesting. Can you post any sources other than "Good Bye Uncle Tom"? which was a good movie by the way. Please post any sources that substantiate the origin of the term MF and Butt Naked. Its always good to delve deeper into the past, psychology and experiences of slavery. One such...
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    Black People : Please Cease And Desist, Spanners!

    LOL!@ Skuderjames. What is Spanners?
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : SHE THINKS SHE'S NATURAL....

    Its not that serious to me, why do they care if my hair is dyed? as going "natural" is a personal journey and for me it was about accepting my so called nappy roots, loving and embracing them, showing the world that Im not afraid to do so and that my hair is "good" hair. So what anyone outside...
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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : SHE THINKS SHE'S NATURAL....

    Technically its not natural since there has been chemical alteration, but Ive had maybe 3 relaxers in more than a decade and my hair has been dyed for just as long and I consider myself natural lol.
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    Black People : Unknown No longer, finding enslaved ancestors online!!

    The Virginia Historical Society has pulled together a database that has been many years in the making. As you may know Jamestown Va was the first place where enslaved Africans landed in 1619 and where the vast majority where African slaves were bought and sold to other states upon entering the...