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    Black Entertainment : What Streaming Music Service Do You Use?

    What music streaming services do you use? You can vote for more than one choice on the poll. I noticed kids prefer Pandora and Spotify cause it's too much effort to transfer downloaded music to their phone. I ain't paying for that tho. I use my YouTube playlists since I can listen to it on...
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    Black People : Bill Cosby: can't prove Zimmerman is a racist

    It's like he lost his soul after his son died.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : THE POPE ABDICATES, WHATS NEXT?

    You are too anxious for all that stuff to happen in your generation lol. The stuff that's happened so far has been predicted but it's spaced out across several decades.
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    lol Dorner went about it the wrong way. Instead of killing innocent people he still could've let his plight known other ways. He is not a hero.
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    Law Forum : Justice Clarence Thomas speaks for 1st time in 7 years during aural arguments

    I know he says some uncle tom-like crap every now and then but I can't even remember what he said that was so traitorous so I'm no longer offended. Guess time does heal all wounds.
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    Apparently he's very hard to spot. They already shot two old white ladies they thought were him.
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    I read the manifesto and I can't help but to wonder how he thinks he'll get away with his war when everyone's so well-prepared to take him down.
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    Black People : Sophia Stewart wins the Matrix copyright infringement case

    I hate to say it but I supported her in the beginning and I almost donated but when I read her book I realized it was a con. Her book had almost nothing to do with the matrix and terminator and should not have even been compared to them.
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    Black People : Have You Ever Picked Cotton ?

    Yes I have. I was driving through Alabama when I saw a cotton field. I was like wtf is this. Stopped and picked a piece of cotton.
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    Black Entertainment : DJango....

    Speaking of horses, that's Jaime's Foxx's real horse in the movie that he's doing tricks with near the end. He's from Texas and owns some horses himself.
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    Black Entertainment : DJango....

    It's a period drama and revenge fantasy. Not a slavery fantasy. If it was a slavery fantasy, they'd have at least showed one rape and they didn't. No White men had sex with Black women either.
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    Black Entertainment : DJango....

    It's not a history flick, it's a revenge fantasy that takes place in the slavery period. A lot of Tarantino's movies are revenge fantasies.