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    Black Poetry : I Am… (Me, Extended)

    I am one man saying to another ‘brother, be strong….we can survive’ I am a man fed up with living I am a man clinging to stay alive I am a man, dictating my own destiny I am a man pulled by fate’s chains I debate the reality of my individuality sometimes stuck in the creases of the...
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    Black Poetry : Clouds Accumulating (A Life Complaint)

    mind spiral, wound tight around frightening disclosures, chills felt, blunt force from the blatant exposure to empty faces squeezing narrowly through wide open spaces, the tragedy of reality slowly erases the outer inches of already diminishing smiles, as we stand, hand in hand...
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    Poet of the Week : Poet of the week...thepoetsean!!!

    congratulations....this is most deserving, because your work is wonderful....keep scribin' and inspiring, cause I'm feelin' every word. much love MJ
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    Black Poetry : Reflections Pt. 1: Father (to my America)

    from A Tarheel Poet’s master series Daddy just up and left me turned his back and ran Daddy just up and left me hardened crust in my hand Daddy just up and left me I could barely stand Daddy just up and left me now expects me to be a man with no direction, no signs of hope...
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    Black Poetry : Unconscious (a cry for the Diaspora): in 6 pts.

    I'm loving this one....the message is on point, and the imagery, all to frighteningly real....A+++ from me for this one keep scribin' MJ
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    Black Poetry : Black Man Speakings (aka His Heart Bleeds Out To The Black Woman)

    thank you all for all the love you've shown me, and especially on this piece, because it's one of my favorites, simply because of its message....and I want all of you to know that the love is equally returned...again, I appreciate the responses from all of you....thanks keep scribin' MJ
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    Black Poetry : Silence Is Golden

    inspired by Listening to Nothing by Ladysoul baby, silence is golden, and I’m holding on… even though the more that you’re here the more I feel alone, and it’s not because you’re quiet cause your lips continuously move, it’s just that the words escaping from your mouth seem to alter...
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    Black Poetry : Even The Walls Cry Out…(from A Tarheel Poet's master series)

    thank you both so much the love is appreciated and definitely reciprocated keep scribin' MJ
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    Black Poetry : 32 Flavors And Then Some

    lol....thanks coco, for making me smile today....and $$RICH$$, praise from you is better than money in the bank....much love to you both keep scribin' MJ
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    Black Poetry : Blind

    thank you all so really means alot....I guess the best judge of talent is the talented....and all of you are definitely that, so I'm very appreciative of your kind words keep scribin' ya'll MJ
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    Black Poetry : Blind

    thanks for the responses fellas....they're much appreciated, especially coming from two talented brothas like yourselves....much love keep scribin' MJ
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    Black Poetry : Even The Walls Cry Out…(from A Tarheel Poet's master series)

    even the walls cry out ….cause they recognize intensity your splendid form (I become intent to see) feeling passion’s propensity to fit itself around us in a glove even the walls cry out ….cause love has many splendors tender traces and streams of the most erotic appeal...
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    Black Poetry : Blind

    we can't solve a problem if we can't see it...and we can't see it, if we won't open our eyes... empty cries unheard eyes wide shut nothing ventured nothing pained like a soul already crippled too badly eroded by the friction from past inflictions that stabbed at the heart jabbing...
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    Black Poetry : Connecting The Soul Chain

    Who am I? I am the means that attempts to better the end seeking friend or foe, or just those who don't know, I'm the teacher, the student seeker, passing knowledge as I learn, the time is now, it is my turn, I want to shine, I want to glow, I want to fly, I want to go into those far...
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    Black Poetry : She Slits Her Wrist With Ignorance

    thank you all for the responses.....I appreciate them alot....and yes, it's true that the events the poem depict are becoming all too's time for the world to wake up and recognize what's going on.... ladye, talk to your took my sister 12 years, 4 kids, and being...