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  • This "Premium Membership" thing is gonna take some getting used to! lol

    I forgot I can send Profile messages now!....So, I wanted to send a personal THANK YOU. I really was shocked to see that this morning. I thought it was just for Poetry Night. That's why I would never participate cuz I didn't want my name in the "hat."

    But, you got me anyway! lol
    Sis. Destee, Is it possible that we can add Hebraic/Hebrew to the Black/African Study of Spiritual Belief Systems? I am more associated with these terms vs. Judaic. Respectfully
    BRO.ELDER BA'KHYR Thank You!
    And We love you too!...Sister Destee, for real. I know these first twelve years have been tuff, but the next twelve will be better and the final twelve will be gravy:)

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr....your friend for Life
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