Jan 22, 2001
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betwixt and between

Destee United States, Female, from betwixt and between


i won't harm you with words from my mouth - i love you - i need you to survive ... <3 Feb 12, 2015

    1. chuck
      As long as posters continue to bring their individual issues/problems/etc. into the mix, i. e., which is why comments etc. tend to be so personal and their reactions to those others who disagree so subjective, then what issue or problem can any of us hope to bring up, let alone come to a consensus as to how to resolve? You tell me! FYI...
      1. legit-writer likes this.
      2. chuck
        I appreciate the props...FYI...
        Feb 14, 2012
      3. chuck
        We need not always agree...We do need to know and understand each other's motives etc. What else has been lacking...Respect which leads to trust...FYI...
        Feb 14, 2012
    2. OldSoul
      Hello BeautifullOne...:) I just wanted to note that yr video has had over 8000 views. WOW! Thats great! Think about it; that 8000 people took the time to view you. It means yr reach continues to grow and what you say is being heard. If only 10% pay attention, thats close to thousand people who are paying attention...:) Continue the great work. You're still here, despite the hateration!
    3. Ms Drea
      Ms Drea
      Happy B'earthday (((((Sister))))).......Love & Blessings!!!
      1. Destee likes this.
      2. Destee
        Thank You Sister ... I LOVE YOU !!! ... Happy Birthday To USSSS !!! <3
        Jan 8, 2012
    4. SeekingMaat
      Htp Sis Destee, thank you for the welcome. Peace
    5. Destee
      my brain has left me and the building ... i miss my brain ...
    6. chuck
      My last comments on all of this:

      And no I'm not referring to you or your moderatos...

      Several boards I used to post on got spanned out of existence like this, i. e., when the self serving censorship (of a small but obsessed few posters) led others to abandon those forums etc....

      The DESTEE website is your creation: I wish you lots of luck as you strive to ensure it's survival...FYI...
    7. chuck
      You have a let's just be 'one big happy family' approach, but even you've admitted how difficult (if not impossible) it would be, as long as people undermine your moderators judgement calls...Remember you have never had a reason to do more than issue a warning to me...Time and again, somebody you banned hasn't learned their lesssons...Do keep that in mind too...FYI...
    8. chuck
      Just read what he posted on his board and/or no guess who he's referring to via the thread on we brothers have to help each other out...Help each other out to do what? Find new means/ways/etc. around your moderators warnings? This stuff being put on a level only a good lawyer could or would defend my good name...FYI...
    9. chuck
      I must admit to not even reading that crap info what's his name dared to even post on his page...The guy barely knows me, never even met or talk to me, and he dares to claim I'm WHITE! Not even my other would be 'critic' on your boards has taken it that far! So I will take your advice...FYI...
      1. chuck
        It is the limitations which led to these different posts...Otherwise you've seen my bio pic (FB) and the guy's coming acros as delusion to me...End of my comments...Let's do move forward again...FYI...
        Dec 9, 2011
      2. chuck
        Delusional: Infowhat's his name...Otherwise my continue posting depends of the other posters further feedback...FYI...
        Dec 9, 2011
    10. chuck
      As the usual practice goes: Emails etc. are where others urge us in conflict to resolve our differences...Though both must be able and willing to do so...Obviously some won't make that much of an effort...So I leave them be...FYI...
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    if i must babysit adults ... they will feel abused by the babysitter ... i already know it ... i am psychic ... <3
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