Jan 22, 2001
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betwixt and between

Destee United States, Female, from betwixt and between


i won't harm you with words from my mouth - i love you - i need you to survive ... <3 Feb 12, 2015

    1. Clyde C Coger Jr
      Clyde C Coger Jr
      Don't shoot, its
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      3. Clyde C Coger Jr
        Clyde C Coger Jr
        My Mamma didn't raise no fool, lol... but the gun is as tall as you, sure you can aim that thing straight, ROFL... lets hope so.
        May 12, 2012
      4. Destee
        lol ... just be careful ... and stay AAAAALLLLLLL the way outta the way ... so you can be safe ... <3
        May 12, 2012
      5. Clyde C Coger Jr
        Clyde C Coger Jr
        You must didn't see this: My Status Update... Stay in Your Lane, lets reduce Collisions and unite...
        May 12, 2012
    2. legit-writer
      hey destee. i dunno if you deleted my post. if so, why?
      1. Destee likes this.
      2. Destee
        Hey Sister ... no ... i did not delete your post ... what post? ... no Sweetie ... we rarely ever delete posts ... try posting it again and see what happens. Love You! <3
        May 12, 2012
    3. chuck
      Our image as males was so disputed it led to the original Million Man March: I've seen where that has led us...So, to me, it's not about how some male fronts, it's about what that man represents/reflects/etc. End of speech...FYI...
    4. chuck
      None of us can hope or pray for our peoples support, if we can't or won't exibit more mutual respect, etc., among us (as posters) on sites like this...In particular, we fellas are expected to be the defenders. and it is within the context of that traditional role, which does lead me to be concerned about our internal arguing/bickering/etc. And about what?!? SMH...
    5. chuck
      I. e., some make it personal, when it's political, and while I might not agree with somebody's agenda, etc., I feel and think no need to make an issue or a problem, as in for the rest of the posters, as one or two posters are about my lack of 'loyalty' ad naseum, towards them...I hope and pray you get my drift...FYI...
    6. chuck
      Good evening, Sistee Destee...But in all due candor/honesty/mutual respect, some may well heed your reality checks/wake up calls, whereas others you have to exibit 'tough love' towards...However much you exlbit respect towards older posters, it was and is Clyde Cooger who started this latest b. s. Others are merely mimicking his bad example...FYI...
    7. chuck
      Do remember how long a particular poster hogged (sic) the forums...I. e., so a little more time may have to pass, before we dare place trust in even those who didn't mimick his bad examples...
    8. chuck
      There are just those basic rules true of any forum which some here aren't aware of via their chosen relations with other posters...Some weren't or aren't able or willing to give a little/in order to gain a lot...Everything resolves around mutual respect...FYI...
    9. chuck
      I have chosen to not write/speak to Kemey about his reaction to your peace offerings...But I feel and think there are personal issues/problems/etc. outside of his postings on the forums he also needs to face up to/do something to resolve...It's not about you etc. And I applaud you for making such a big effort to resolve any issues/problems/etc. you've had with him in the past or more recent days...FYI...
    10. Destee
      Sister Legit-Writer - i love you and i aint gonna let Brother Skuder influence me no moe ... i like rabbits ... and have never eaten 1 !
      1. legit-writer likes this.
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    if i must babysit adults ... they will feel abused by the babysitter ... i already know it ... i am psychic ... <3
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