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  • I usually work right on the gateline(picadilly and victoria side) or in the ticket office, let me know when they are coming and i'll tell you what shift i'm working. Tricycle theatre? i'm gonna check that out online, i loved it in paris but i'm pretty sure our taste differ... yeah the infastructure is amazing and the food is divine, we didnt go to the any of the museums; i just went to party! and i had a ball, yep come check me in the bahamas since it looks like you miss me in London, i'll look forward to your email.

    Look, you had me ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) at tis not one I get called often(sweet) :). Well...I can't imagine that deepy:), even you avatar disproves them:), K

    Thanks so much, love you!......................Clyde
    Hi deepy,

    I have lived all over the other side!(its ok, u can say ghetto hahaha) thats probably why i'm not really too thrilled with London. You Ever been through King's Cross Station? thats were i work (for now).I have a job offer in Nassua, Bahamas, so i'm hopping to be gone by christmas, so pray for me to leave London by Christmas and i'll pray for you to come here..Lol... if you were coming in Dec i would love to hookup, coulda hooked you up with free transport! I really do need to go back to the Bristish Musume to take some more pics though... you ever been to Paris with the Eurostar? Carribean restaurant by Camden..uhmm not sure, the only carribean restaurant i go too is MR Jerks in Oxford Circus.

    Come on now, I need an answer to my last note :), okay! Naw, just teasing a little bit with you my friend, I have missed you though.........Take Care..........Clyde
    Thanks deepy!

    Ahh so you've been all over! i'm in East London now, (bromley by bow) i've lived in walthamstow, edmonton green, high barnet..e.t.c never lived in Camden, although i have been to that little nite club thats about 5mins away from the station, and i try to go to the Market every Sat. When is the next time your gonna be in London?

    Yeah i know about the Night buses, London is another world on a Friday/Sat nite isnt it?
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