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    Black People : The Truth About Race Series

    The Truth About Race - Season 1:
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    Black People : Recent News....

    Thank you very much. Come check me out if you want a unique, thought provoking perspective on the black experience from a young brother putting in alot of effort to present REAL information and not asking for money for bringing knowledge.
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    Black People : Where Do White People Come From? YouTube Series

    Where Do White People Come From? Complete Series: DannyTM Truth Magnified on YouTube Open-minded discussion for open-minded black people looking for unfiltered truth and no baby pampered lies for the Ego. Yakub and the creation of white humans, the untold history of the whiteSlavic slaves...
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    Black People : Recent News....

    How do you create your own thread?
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    Black People : Recent News....

    Where Do White People Come From? Part 3 THE MYSTERIES OF HUMAN HISTORY