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    Let it be known

    only you truly know why we're at this point and when we state what is, is you call it whining and complaining lol how are we bringing the negative energy Destee? Khas and I have been for years but you seem to discount that. So Khas has been bringing negative energy for his length...
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    Let it be known

    yes bro. and i've been here a long time as well and i've seen members come and go. over the years it seems that all the people who had information to advance us in knowledge were run off. Your still seeing that today. The difference now is you've seen a regression. Anybody with eyes can see...
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    Black People : Keep Friends Close, Enemies Closer ?

    you make way TOO much sense my young brethren of course it doesn't make sense, it's obviously the mindset of the enemy. why would you want your enemies closer. YES YOU ARE RIGHT bro. Jahari it makes no sense. The is not in line with the african spirit. And it's great to see a brother not...
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    Black Authors : How to Make a Negro Christian

    yes fear, longing and lack of knowledge don't help either add in conditioning but fear to me does it all in, because if you had the knowledge there would be no need for fear thus no platform for conditioning :fyi:
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    Spoken Word : So Amazin'

    THIRD VERSE - THE CURSE OF IGNORANCE The truth is met by the ignorant Behind a façade they claim is legitimate See it for yourself folks Cause I’m still tryin’ to figure it The spiritually illiterate Descendants of kings and queens Defending the white man’s words And what they mean...
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    Brother Keita and Sister CherryBlossom

    you know you might not remember but CB made a whole thread about me called "EXHIBIT A". i noticed how the title got changed and also some elements of the thread have been manipulated yet this was "promoted" as a great "experiment"...
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    Brother Keita and Sister CherryBlossom

    good point i didn't want to see her banned but she can't say she an angel either with stuff like this now she's giving me a quarter like i'm some kid :fyi:
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    Black People : R.I.P. to brother Stephen Tyrone Johns

    THE "JOB" IS NOT THE ISSUE look beyond the statement this is not about employment or some "job" that sustained him. there is a bigger issue here. you seem fine that the brother gave his life for a holocaust museum. when we are still in a holycaust. of course it was somebody's son husband...
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    Spoken Word : So Amazin'

    SECOND VERSE - THE DUAL STATE whaaaaat in the worrrrrld dooooo you wannnt ffroooomm mmee caaaaan’t you seeeee I’m fine so leeeeetttt me be so amazin’ so amazin’ so amazin’ it’s amazin’ it’s amazin’ We’re all confused about the rules Yet to be resolved and still called fools man that...
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    Black People : R.I.P. to brother Stephen Tyrone Johns

    RIP brother a BLACK MAN died protecting the "holocaust" museum you talk about irony this is what we're talking about we are tired of giving our lives to people who do not do the same for us and still we have those who don't see this, and will still hate the BLACK MAN but they will...
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    Black People : Black People are Destroying Each Other

    i feel you we already have a "word" we could use "ENLIGHTEN" but ENLIGHTEN TO THE TRILLIONTH POWER it's sad that some us had to "find" our way thru this mind processing it shouldn't have to be this hard i pray for the day when we can build babies from scratch like they're...
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    Black Women : Have we been raising weak Black men??

    i agree with anything you said i've tried to break the pattern of some of my family as well i know exactly what you mean. statements like this is why i invited you to the evolution we're closing in on 500 years enough of this second class "citizen" crap
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    Spoken Word : ENEMY OF DA STATE................. of confusion

    You can stunt on me if you want to But in reality I love you Then you make me the enemy Then get upset when I say I’m ready When ish get ugly like betty & I’m ready to put you to beddy But you’re not my enemy by any means Necessary but you go to extremes To demean see what I mean When i see the...
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    mad skillz peace pham i want to invite you to a site

    mad skillz peace pham i want to invite you to a site