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    Black Atheists : Why is Athiesm your choice?

    Don't really have a response, more like a correction. The Earth is approx. 4.5 billion years old, not 40 billion.
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    Black Atheists : Why is Athiesm your choice?

    Basically what Bro Enki said in his first response. For me to place my "everlasting soul" into a religion, it has to make sense or at least be logical! Christianity and any other religion that I've studied fall short of that in my opinion. What I find hard to believe is when Christians use...
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    Black People Politics : Dr. Ben carson

    Black conservatives?!? What exactly are they trying to conserve??
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Why Blacks aren't getting into the Lucrative Cannabis Business

    From the limited amount of research that I've done, I believe that Bro Khasm13 is correct. Startup and the po-po are 2 big reason. If Sista Inanna would care to go into a bit more detail, I'm all ears! I thought about this after the first time I visited a dispensary. You can make money hand...
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    Black People : BLOOD MOON - total eclipse tonight.

    Sista Butterfly, I am in Cali but, I was posting about a "blood moon" from last year.
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    Black People : To the real Spades players

    I could pull 7 out of that all day long. If my partner has any skill, we going for "that thang"! We either going to be talking a lot of trash or getting clowned! Bid!?! I thought only old people played that! (says the guy who just turned 50!)
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    Black People : Media pushing white men and black women relationships

    I can think of quite a few that wouldn't find it cute at all. A Black man basically serving up his daughter to a yt boy on a platter! What's so "cute" about it???
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    Black People : nguzo saba

    Habari Gani Fam!!!
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    Black People : • Charles Barkley Supports Police After Ferguson Grand Jury Decision •

    Of course K. Smith was cautious with his remarks, he may not be the clown that barkley is but, he knows who butters his bread!! If you saw them on tnt thursday night, Shaq was also cautious. The part that just killed me was when barkley wanted to be all Kumbaya with K. Smith, shaking hands and...
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    Black People : Has Black Nationalism died? How?

    Bro Sango, I'm not trying to come across negatively because at the root of the argument, I believe that self-independence/Black Nationalism is Our best chance at accomplishing the things that you mentioned. I do have a few questions though; 1. How do We overcome the complacency that Our people...
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    Black People Politics : rock the vote

    As do I, it would be nice to have the best though.
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    Black People Politics : rock the vote

    While I agree with the philosophy that "not voting" does nothing for you cause, it only helps the other side. I'm of the opinion that you rarely if ever vote for the best man/woman for the job, you end up voting for the lesser of two evil and for the most part, the wheels on the bus go 'round...
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Can African Americans raise 5 billion dollars for the Renaissance of Africa?

    Maybe I missed it but, to what purpose would the 5 billion go? I like the concept but, there are some hard questions that would have to be answered; 1. What is the purpose of the money 2. Who would be in charge of said money? 3. In which of the many countries would we start. 4. How would we...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Once Again, Science Proves The Bible True

    First of all, you don't know what my screen name means so once again, just answer the question and stop "running" from it. Why is it that when the questions get hard, the religious get to running?? Could it be that thier narrow minded, dogmatic view can't begin to answer the real questions...