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  • Clyde,
    This is #2 missed class in a row. Clearly I am unsuitable for this GroupThink of yours - thus accept my resignation.
    Brother Clyde ... i'll be talking a little about the transitioning during Class with Destee tonight, so please join us if you can ... as i don't want you to feel uncomfortable with it at all. Love You! :kiss:
    Hello Clyde, All that you said is cyrstal clear, thanks:) I'm pleased you enjoy what I do, it makes me enjoy doing it that much more. As for publication, I had a poem published in a community newletter a long time ago. However, I am about to work on getting a book I wrote with my sister and a poet-friend published. Also a book of my poetry. See, you are the first to know two of my goals to achieve in 2009. Well, after my sister and poet-friend that is, but that's because they are involved. Anywhooo, I appreciate your visit.:)

    Have a pleasant evening!

    so their i was typing you a jmessage and then realizing i wasn't on your page i was on no i switched to you..I slow as i am found the link right after i sent you the message. I am on it, amazon will send it off to me. i look forward to the read and communicating with you
    thanks for letting me keep my avatar to myself...take care of yourself...and others too!
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