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  • Greetings my brother! I will check out your thread and leave something to ponder. Thanks for being real, and staying in touch Peace
    Likewise my Brother and them ladies working on a plan to catch me i saw there thread and how they trying to team up to take my CROWN
    By no means do i wish to come off as a intimadating soul , but a soul of love and harmony
    I've worked hard and long been here like forever sharing and spreading love to all whom enter
    my heart and soul is friendly i could have never became the top poster without brothers like yourself
    who post and allow me to respond .....Yes friendship is rare but a gift when we come cross one
    so do accept my humble brotherhood i fully understand
    it's nice to have this moment to share words with you and your poerty been off the hook
    it take lots of years and hours to do this as i've crossed many roads to get there.
    Peace & blessing bruh !
    I'm here Brother. In, but mostly out. Thought i continue my me time through the weekend. Just tryna get in touch with the soulful me. Reflecting, flexing, and discovery. So you will have to do this thang alone for now. I'll be back soon, but for now i'm zoning. Zoning in a great kind of way!

    Stay Strong Brother! Be home soon!

    My lips are sealed, my friend! I am very pleased we could sort that out so quickly :)
    un huh. Brother Naturner had me laughing as well as DSS. lol Glad to hear you made it back safe and sound.

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