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    Black People Politics : Kanye West According To President Obama

    In all fairness I do not think that there was anything to really go on for any video nominated in that category; not a single one was superb. Beyonce's video was ok but it is very basic. Taylor Swift's video was simple as well and just as basic. Kanye ranted "beyonce had one of the greatest...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Do Africans Believe in God?

    ..and the rest? What about the millions of religious Afrikans who are not Christian, Islamic or Jewish? Where does the relevance of Adam and Eve come in for them and their religions and how does this relate to their belief or non-belief in God? What I really mean is what about the Afrikans...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : THE RELIGIOUS RIDDLE

    Well the reason you will be ridiculed and quite surely put to death if you were to slaughter hundreds of people is this, you are not a leader. That is you are not the leader of a nation/tribe/army or any faction where you have the legitimate right of force. Look at those you mentioned: Queen...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The PROBLEM with Agreeing to Disagree

    There is the simple fact that you cannot get people to agree on selected actions of change, no to mention a single action of change. You said it yourself "we are not going to.. be socilised the same way..", religion is one of the socialsing factors in the world, the two cannot be separated...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : The PROBLEM with Agreeing to Disagree

    Agreeing to disagree is not necessarily a lack of action. When there is a history of disagreement and conflicts from disagreements, then the decision to "agree to disagree" is an action. Let us break down the cliche. Firstly there is the 'agree' part of it and this is the most important part of...
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    Poetry Critiques : This is Who I am.

    When people used to ask me what I am, I used to say simply, but proudly that I was a beautiful black woman. Of course depending on my mood or the situation the adjective preceding black might have changed, but I was always black. One day I had an epiphany – I could no longer be black. Black is...
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    Black Picture Image Gallery : SwtT 8 mths of natural growth

    You know what the poet Heru said; "my daughter shall not see confusion on her head, she shall be a righteous empress dread" , "grow out your afro then twist it and lock it"
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    Black People : Why Study History

    Be wary not to be too fast to study history just to threaten the power of others less we become the "others". Respect must be in all things we do and attempt, to , therefore, study history with the pre-disposition of threatening the power of others we have by passed the nature of respect...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Do Africans Believe in God?

    simply...yes The answer is a simple yes. Afrikans believe in a higher spiritual power which we shall call God. The specifics about each particular belief system and their respective ways of acknowledging God are different and have many dimensions but there is the belief in God. Look at the...
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    Poetry Critiques : enlightenment (saed still.1986)

    enlightenment. (close to home iii) where is enlightenment found? does it dwell in darkened rooms, or does it rest on top of mountains? does it hide within another, is it found within piety; pious men in pious company, do they hold enlightenment’s key? maybe enlightenment lies beneath...
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    Poetry Critiques : i saw them come (saed still. 1986)

    i saw them come. i saw them through a misty haze. i saw them coming, desperate pieces of tragedy; wary spoils of victory. coming triumphant and strong. coming bruised and limp. coming with vengence. coming with hatred. coming with love and with grace. i saw them through a misty...
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    Higher Standard Required : Our Mission - The Core Foundational Pieces of Destee

    As InI say, peace love and guidance. With these words as InI self doctrine, no disrespect will come from I for any soul here. peace love and guidance.
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    Poetry Critiques : Free?

    I will definately answer it.Tthis summer im looking to do a lot of reading-learning-and then writing. Hopefully education will be sweet.
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    Poetry Critiques : Truth or Dare

    many blessings family.