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    Black Poetry : Got Heart

    To make it how you see it Now you know how to make it fit Viewing the beat it's gonna go to Somehow like an uncontrolled suit case back balance won't go Beating though when lost And frost being the admission cost 2019 got inside home owner insurance Break down gets its rinse Membering clubs...
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    Black Poetry : Staying Still

    As the title comes first still That body is never expected to feel Keeping up just for a thrill But still there they go the swallow of "still I" pill
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    Black Poetry : When a stranger returns

    Hello $$RICH$$ We show been trying to hold it down in between! Glad to see you Brother. The $$RICH$$ rich is back on set:)
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    Black Poetry : Slow it down

    Look upon w/ a frown But to find a way cost them dollar signs Push it through while time is always bought up Its OK I copywrite this sip Look at the view smell the residue look again to see slow it down Act like your feeling a down cover that ur ancestors once sown Back to that copywrite bought...
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    Black Poetry : Contemplation

    Little Morning story. Might be in the wrong section but don't critique cause it's true. To sit on it A whole chicken being bought Sometimes brought up when reminded Assuring skin gets basted Wondering should I or shouldn't I Then all the sudden the deal dies Memowires through the happy house...
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    Black Poetry : Now adays

    Facebook & its memories Truly come up as we trace others stories Every now & again we search Is that really my birch Had to google & see Comes down to be actually free My limbs coming down to rise again soon enough Some of us do the actual branch off to a certain degree Families becoming never...
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    Black Poetry : Place and Time

    Is it where you need to be? Foreseen & sought after to become free Apart of your heart coming up Now being the right time to figure out what sup Helplessness comes over That thump of place & time giving u/ shivers Now the question of what now always will come up & out 4 NOW.
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    Black Poetry : Talking Points

    Put an icon next to what's important Underneath state where we're trying to go, the fort We shall make only accessible points for our minds to gather How now we must run in middle of speaking the cause of turbulant weather The 4th now regularly pointing to the regular broken records Points...
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    Black Poetry : The N word

    That's my name don't wear it out!
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    Black Poetry : L M N Oh

    Crazy hu? I'd say It's the story for me now Taken backs go on & on I'm guessin' rhymebad and his Hip Hop flow Ask me always for my show It's real though they say As L M N O P Question is how much corn has turned Showing them rhythms throughout sounds turnings into founds Be live which astownes...
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    Black Poetry : The N word

    Well I tend to be alike to N word My name is Nikki for our world Any who When I work w/ foreign who Me not the workers that show Any ways They always have used the word like toys Being in the nail shop Nigras come & go Words come out w/ a strengthening tone to so up their wounds Words are wond...
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    Black Poetry : Survive to not sever

    Which way shall I go To not believe in myself as ours grow Hours continue to be our rival While every 3 months or so we set out for our revival The meetings seem to all ways contain forgiveness The remembrance Blessings have let us indulge Learning how ties hold our bond not showing looseness...
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    Black Poetry : Settlin' in

    For the time we have on the run We continuously ponder on the view of the sun Beginning w/ the rise of my hormones Emotional lights sometimes feeling vibrations as tones Today being the day I will hone in on my trail to be taken Today being closer then yesterday can not be shaken Trail of...
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    Black Poetry : Chuch

    Videos of here I go Go Go Servoe Having the O yes To become then obsessed Parishioners asking about my view from them Loving to become who I fathom The needs & the wants all given @ once We become a team wit a lifelong insurance These suits & skirts will take us... From colors of violence to...
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    Black Poetry : Treat you right

    Searching for that one Every now & then Smiling into the summer time Honking the horn to hear the chimes Shaking as your response begins flick then lights in the day Real story as I really coped up Didn't follow as turn Went to the trap On me as usual.