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    Black Poetry : Should I wonder?

    Is it cotton or pollen Both float through the air as it can Call me crazy For being fuzzy Quickly it floats by you Do you sneeze or chez for our ancestors clue Call it what you may Both live to produce a way Easy does it you say Them hard days in that field of say Oh sounds to be coming slowly...
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    Black Poetry : Asystematic

    Nothing new has been seen to come down with What's been said to have had dealt Excuses given as for excuses to happen When money gets paid to be inside my system But how can I find out to save a life? I have become that one searching outside for a revolutionary I am Asystematically built to be...
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    Black Poetry : Gonna happen

    When their seems to be no other way To sew whats been sewn as a way In which each of us do fry Story continues to be spread and passed Changes of fixtures become an outcast Not with its been told to be sold My **** gonna fold That bat is usually white No egg needed to stick Hot oil not to be...
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    Black Poetry : Coming Together

    It gets nasty when men & women do it together As testosterone & hormones are the only thing that matters Feeling like if I don't get this out like spring sprouting feathers Across the sky that yearly migration to lovers & haters Making my mind up to trust my instincs in finding my black shutters...
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    Black Poetry : Missing Them

    Stories of the family relayed daily Their depths these days are @ bay If their was something to say we fell like failures Everything they built for our futures Can not be known from us to them I'm so tired of strangers and their schemes... Or is it skeems all that's known is what's been...
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    Black Poetry : Policies

    I enjoy writing for my fam on Destee Makes me feel abstractly free But see I do pay By going above and beyond
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    Black Poetry : Policies

    Thank You so much Brother!)
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    Black Poetry : Policies

    Should I do what they say? What side can I play? Memorized lines form as to stay Put sometimes in the root How can I go against shea? Trying to understand is not soft but yet hard Never admitting my truth but now or never I watch & listen to other sides But my mind has supposedly been made up...
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    Black Poetry : Doll

    Not all about an individual It's about us all Working my life out to not fall As I'm walking down a hall I've found rewards in no one caring who falls Like us all fought to get my not quite downlow mouth shawl Speaking up for me requires us all to seem tall Via another's approval of my worth by...
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    Black Poetry : My Light

    Your website is getting better and better! Keep up the good work Sis! Love You!
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    Black Poetry : My Light

    Going through feelings of WOW Feeling guilty all the sudden My lazy as needs to stop Then, all the sudden CORONAVIRUS My hand touches my face as I sigh OMG I couldn't do it if I could.
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    Black Poetry : America built on

    Mean tough soil When the rain goes upon us Our planted food comes up for show Depending on the human force Where the energies are wrapped like foil For the duty of our future nutrients As seasons come around traditions of sacrifices become known As day becomes night And Night becomes day Working...
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    Black Poetry : Own your birthday

    It's today that was black as hell Being read to come out my shell Bring it on said not to fail My stars finally come to sail Through the skies lining up the discussions Societies also lining up the energies fruition's Searching the streets for someone looking like me Boom Bang Boom there she be...
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    Black Poetry : Happens when?

    When it happens I am in love with my life's patten Making my trademark known As I grown w/in the circle shown The C for captivation Noticing my actions through generations Excepting the strength of own Finally becoming a chocolate tone As soon as it is given away at all cost to you Having the...