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    Black Spirituality Religion : What Really Happens After Death?

    Indeed, only individually can we know the answer to such a profound question which may actually be too deep for us to know at the level we are at now, however, if approach this question like one of my 'heroes' Sherlock Holmes, using deduction, research, documentation, cross-referencing, etc...
  2. R♥mantasy: The Premier Al Green Show

    R♥mantasy: The Premier Al Green Show

    SOUL-A-LEU-JAH.............Eleven Excerpts Of Al Green's Hit Love Songs~!!! Finally......A premier tribute show worthy of the performer being honored. Jimy B...
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    African Traditional Religion : The first God

    Actually 'Atenism' didn't fail & its veneration STILL continues 'underground' today by some indigenous Africans along the Nile Valley who by lineage carry on the ancient teachings~!!!! Aten/Aton was a specific phase along the ancient Nile Valley. What we do know for sure is that Akhenaten did...
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    Metu Neter - Vols I - II - III : Which is correct - Memphite, Hermopolitan, or Theban Schools Of Thought?

    Excellent question..........Actually all 3 are correct depending on which specific phase you are referring to......Also, in my experience & more importantly, you will keep running into issues with this question & other such profound teachings if the science you are studying does not immediately...