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    Black Poetry : been a minute....

    Brother I see you still at it.
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    Black Poetry : Happy 2013 New Year Destee!!!

    dESTEE fam, I don't get back as much as I used too, especially back when the house was built, but I check in and read often. It's a blessing to see the classic and the new still here dropping their words. Some of the classics like RICH, Bishop, rhymebad, 1poetsought, baller, etc....and...
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    Black Poetry : MISSY

    Brother Rich, you still at it. Yet new and improved, well written my friend.
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    Black Poetry : N****tivity

    Nice piece brother. very nice piece.
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    Black Poetry : My Kiss

    Nice sister.
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    Black Poetry : Left Behind.....

    Brother, it's been a while since I've been back to destee (I was one of the originals here many years ago), and I must say this is a "breath of fresh air" piece. Splendid brother. 10 blak fists raised in the air.
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    Black Poetry : Word-Flow(A Poetic Exercise)

    You enter my eyes smoothly a papaya and passionfruit smoothie with a touch of raspberry/ your image is what I need when my mind seeks a place to relax/xhale/breathe in/ my lungs xpand to ready my lips to sing you into a deep dark space inside of me so I can be freed by your metaphorical...
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    Black Poetry : Now Accepting Poetry Submissions

    Checked out your website. I'll be submitting a work.
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    Black Poetry : The "Ain't no title" poem

    Cherry...I will drop a 2K11 edition soon. Thank you for the compliment.
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    Black Poetry : Oh No

    Ballllller! What's good bruh. I'm trying to get back into the flow of things around here. How you been doc?
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    Black Poetry : In the ghetto....

    Nice piece Info. This has an Etheridge Knight vibe to it. If you're not hip to him Google him.
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    Black Poetry : Oh No

    Ikoro - yes a brother is still around. This is still part of my extended family, just can't get back as much as I used to. Info - peace. Heaven is an indescribable place...words only short change it. But we try and each word, end on end, get us closer to the perfect description.
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    Black Poetry : Oh No

    I scream oh no when you make my back arch until it creaks before the break when you do you .......................and I'm exhausted because your tongue has stolen every ounce of speech that resided in the back of my throat I scream Oh no when you are on top of my chocolate expanse and...