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    Black Poetry : Deeds of Destruction payday has arrived (Underworld & Dark Bishop) collab

    I feel a need for This Duo to return....what say ye?
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    Black Poetry : Arm piece

    Awesome my brother! Good to read you again!
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    Black Poetry : De Ja Vu

    I love me feeling like Deja Vu is in the air
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    Black Poetry : Changes

    Nice flow
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    Black Poetry : Will You Be My Valentine?

    I need this day to be right Because this is the day That I want to show you How much you are cherished What better way to do it Than with the sentiments From the heart On this day When hearts are set afire So I take my pen in hand And send it forth Much like Cupid's arrow Until it reaches you...
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    Poet of the Week : Poet of the week...........Kemetstry!!

    uh...Kem...I posted this back in 2002!
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    Comment by 'Bishop' in album 'From The Lighthouse'

    Thank you Sweetness
  8. Come visit me in the Lighthouse

    Come visit me in the Lighthouse

  9. The Bishop's Eyes

    The Bishop's Eyes

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    Comment by 'Bishop' in media 'Bishop'

    Destee....we can start everything over.
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    Black Poetry : Missed

    Your heart Called out to me Awakening me from my slumber I've been gone too long Never meant to neglect you But in the midst of missing me Your soul kissed mine And The Lighthouse shines again In search Of thee
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    Black Poetry : My Purpose

    I realize that My sole purpose For writing Is so that I may kiss your soul You see I never knew that The reason Why my heart flutters Whenever I think of you Is because At the bottom of my heart There is writing That says Made for you And it doesn't matter Where my heart is And who holds it...
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    Black Poetry : From My Head To My Heart

    Taking my time To pen this flow Want to get it right To honor A beautiful queen Not with simple words of flattery But words of the heart Certain feelings Time has played a cruel trick on me You are a vivacious woman That causes me to be Inspired from a beauty that resonates From deep within your...