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  • Dearest Bishop...I have been looking for a thread to congratulate you on your BLUE...So happy you have been selected as da Slam winner!! Much love sweetie.
    Hey Bishop :love: :wave: :love:

    You know what? Some things never change. I am so slow about email, and i just saw yours! Oh My Gosh! Ohhhhhhhh Bishop ... dang ... why you make me think you weren't hearing me or wanting to respond to me? Why you let me think that? It was really nice to see / read your email ... Thank you for thinking so lovingly of me! You're the absolute best. Ohhhhh but i did see where you igged my haiku ... hmmmm ... okay ... i'll be still ... i won't complain ... i'll patiently wait in line, until my turn ... :wink:

    Thanks for being my friend, all of these years.

    Love You!



    My Brother, and My Friend...congratulations, but the real deal are the Words you pump daily............keep'em coming...they are filling me up...but keep'em blowing

    Congratulations on the win my brother
    and thanks on the pic commentary :blush: you flatter me :grouphug:
    but you best tell these sistahs we aint got nothing goin before I become a target of americas next hate crime :lol: shoo smh mess around and get me stoned lol
    doing what is due to one of our prime jewels and that's no lie sometime we crave for us some Brother Bishop ......besides it's what u would do for me u bruh !
    congrats brother now ya all in BLUE enjoy man we love you dearly and forever fo real.
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