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    Black Poetry : Revolution ( Black man's revolution)

    Chaos reigns inside of me.. Emotions raging, anger blazes. These fools; meaningless pawns enrage me. Arrogant fools, living life... Their fantasy... Living the illusion of ecstasy. all their hopes; all their conceited dreams, ill-fed. their lives bred in hypocrisy, their honour...
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    Black Poetry : A Man’s Disgrace

    I appreciate the words... whether good or bad, they all represent something i could use to make myself better...... Thank you.....
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    Black Poetry : A Man’s Disgrace

    As I race through darkened streets dash through crimson flooded alleys my sense of urgency keeping fear at bay I glance ahead keeping destination in sight my friends, my family far beyond me my goal, my steps beside their own I race onward toward the same my steps faltering.. I halt in...
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    Black Poetry : .......................

    I really felt your work.. I believe we all feel this way at times... I have been writing for seven years although i am only eighteen. and many of those months were filled with me scratching my head... thanks for putting into words what many of us were thinking...
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    Black People : The Term "Negroe / Negress"

    Nisa I'm sorry but I must disagree. A word is just a word... Nothing in this world is absolute. A person's viewpoint and opinions make all the difference. I understand where you are coming from.. but such drastic measures? I hate the word *****.. ******... i had never understood the word...
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    Audio Video Web Conferencing : Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome

    having read a lil upon the topic i advise everyone to be there.... it is very interesting.
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    Black Entertainment : Hasn't rap gone way too far????

    What thinkers? That is the main problem... our people have been reduced to animals... teenagers no longer think.. they imitate.. And all they have been given a bunch of worthless examples to imitate. No one wants to think for themselves... the group rules everything now... it is about...
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    The Front Porch : How and why did you pick your name

    I saw my name somewhere.... Can't exactly remember where at this point but when the time came to choose my screen name it entered my mind..... i thought to myself that i wouldn't use it unless it could symbolize something... so i came up with this.. Bio = life..... so i called myself life's...
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    Poetry Critiques : Priceless

    Thank you... I really appreciate your comments... I have been writing for a very long while now... and you are the few that i have come across who accurately critiqued one of my poems.... yes i found the rhythm.. to be unstable... Yes i am also known for being wordy.... My english teacher many...
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    The Needs of Interracial Children?

    I doubt that they do..... considering myself.. I know that if i were to have a child with someone out of my race... one of the considerations wouldn't have been if she could do the childs hair... I mean.. yeah its selfish... but you made me think... does anyone whether interacial... or same race...
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    Poetry Critiques : Priceless

    Priceless We began our journey not knowing what we perceived, both knowing what we wished to achieve.... I saw hope in your beauty, Your thoughts on my mind, I saw love’s integrity, Your thoughts all on time. We began filled with delusion presuming how the story would go, but the...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : Sea Of Pain

    I`m falling... arms outstretched vainly seeking help. seeing hope I yell out. only at the last realizing its vanity, realizing my hope was only false dreams, realizing my love could never have been as real as it seemed. And as I fall... slowly being submerged by the sea.. my tears rain...
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    Black Poetry : Her

    Her her eyes: dark depths of the ocean, life giving her heart: natures rhythmic nurturing- a mother’s pure call her voice: sugar sweet, lingering peace of a chocolate delight her mind: brilliant as brightly colored rainbows filling barren skies her soul: flames burning bright...
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    The Front Porch : Are you a Brother or Sister ?

    Male without a doubt
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    Black Education / Schools : Have you taken the SAT and ACT?

    Hmmm... I took the PSAT and SAT.... I didn't do to well on the sat but on the PSAT My scores were at least better than 85% of students graduating the same year that i did.... the problem with tests of that calibur... is that for students who are taking higher level courses the tests are almost...