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    Black Poetry : The Coming Storm

    Thanks for dropping in, Hodee. It's been too long.
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    Black Poetry : You have to Move Onward

    trumped up take your freedom...under guise of law. from one hundred years ago...'til today. **** ain't changed. Thanks Brother Hodee
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    Black Poetry : The Coming Storm

    The Coming Storm A Darkness hover Echoes of Good-ole-Boy days …and Jim Crow ways White Supremacist collaborators And other speculators Talking ‘bout “Make America Great, Again.” C O D E for The white man’s need to be in control Again Proud Boys Oath Keepers Ku Klux Klan Thinking “America…in...
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    Black Relationships : Sustaining A Marriage Is Very Difficult Today... I Wonder Why?

    I could say that that's a result of not knowing your mate as well as you should have...and when the unknown pops up--those things you didn't know--that you disagree with, it's easier to step away than to risk further disappointment. ergo, not as invested in the success of the relationship as...
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    Black Relationships : Sustaining A Marriage Is Very Difficult Today... I Wonder Why?

    This comes from someone who's working on his third marriage: Although the primary reason for marriage has not changed--love--the reasons for staying together has. Marriage requires work...daily work. A good marriage requires daily devotion to someone other than yourself. Most of us aren't...
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    Black Poetry : Shattered Concrete

    Sad...when we're invisible to those we want to see hear acknowledge our worth...or just our presence. When we are ignored, it leaves us wanting...not necessarily their approval but just an acknowledgment. I hear your salutation, Skorpiokisses. Hello. They call me baller...
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    Black Poetry : The Curse Of A Poet

    The meaning behind this totally escaped me. Could you shed some light on where you're coming from?
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    Black Christians : Megachurch Pastor Accused Of Defrauding People Out Of More Than $1 Million

    first, we're all innocent until proven guilty. secondly, it is known that...when we get too big, the white man is known to set us up. with that said, I'm not a big supporter of mega-churches. ministers have a responsibility to their congregation...and, in mega-churches, it becomes too easy for...
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    Black Entertainment : I really did not like black panther movie

    We lost ourselves when we became more about the individual than the whole; it's no longer about us, it's about each one of us. As long as we're so focused on us, the individual, we will never see us, the whole...and we will remain a divided people.
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    The Front Porch : hi every one on DESTEE

    Welcome to the playground, sargam. this is a very interactive, and sometimes, aggressive bunch. Until you've gotten to know the different personalities, please maintain your thick skin; we sometimes get personal...although we shouldn't. NOTHING PERSONAL...just a product of their...
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    Black Entertainment : I really did not like black panther movie

    not only is it just a movie, it's a movie based on a comic book character. Why would anyone be angry over its content...or think it's supposed to make people better? It was entertaining; which is all it was designed to be. Why do people go to a movie, with a black ensemble, expecting to gain...
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    Black Ancestors : I'm multiracial, and need your honest input

    angelfrommynightmare. Welcome to the playground. Is it important for you to prove your ancestry to others? Or, is it good enough to know who you are? People will believe what people will believe...and accept what they choose to accept. And there will always be those who will challenge...
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    Black Parenting : What Would You Do?

    My youngest son (34) has a stepson; he and his wife have since had three more sons. The father isn't involved in the child's life...and my son has fully accepted him as his own. As such, he is my grandson...just like the other three. I do for them all; clothes, gifts, etc. Unfortunately...
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    Black Poetry : Epiphany

    like an epiphany--especially one I knew not long ago--this one makes you think...reflect. keep writing Mario William vitale. the river floweth.
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    Black People Politics : Colin Kaepernick Ends National Anthem Kneeling Protest

    NNQueen, that's not what I said. Yes, I think he was sincere in his protest. I also believe he realized that his career was going to suffer...and wanted to straighten the ship, if you will. When he began the protest, I don't think he thought it was going to effect his career in any negative...