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  • happen to make reference to something in someone's flow, that I thought perhaps was intended for me to read. Now I could be wrong, but it struck me as so...Now if my intution is right, and you are offended by my abrasiveness in some of my recent flows, then be a man about and say so....perhaps, the "baller" does not like it, when a woman takes him to "tha hoop".

    Anything that we put before the public is subject for criticism...but only a child throws a tantrum about it. If you dont like what your reading, than EXIT out. You are just upset that a balla' like ya self, can't handle a woman who has been through some real mess.

    Poety is like any form of entertainment. It's a stage that we get on, to reveal a performance of how we may feel at some point in our lives. Dont you know, that we get off that stage, and are real people? The moment passes, and I resume to being the sweet apple*pie that I am. So dont judge me friend, for my life is one that you know nothing about.


    Got the info, thanks so much. Expected to hear more from you though, but you must be busy I can imagine.....The Book is now on order my friend....God Speed. I'm here when you get ready to talk.

    Clyde........................your Friend!
    Thank you so much brother for the poetry props :) I figured Id drop it here to preserve thread order :)
    Much appreciated from someone such as yourself

    I have already replied to the e-mail. What is the title or ISBN #, so I can pulled it up and order the Book. When you get this, come over to my Profile Page and leave the requested info......You go Brother, I can't wait/had to give you a "shout-Out" in the Box........Your Friend........Clyde
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