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Jun 1, 2010
Sep 11, 2009
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in florida for now
carpenter, anthropologist, teacher. Right now I te

awo dino

Well-Known Member, from in florida for now

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Jun 1, 2010
    1. gato negro
      gato negro
      Greetings Awo Dino, I have some questions about Odu that I have not seen in any of the threads, maybe you will b able to shed some light on these questions.
    2. Sen - Res
      Sen - Res
      Brother awo dino, I am honor and I thank you for accepting my invitation in the hand of friendship. I am to, an awo in training, and I am omo Obatala, I am no where ready to share information but I have learned a lot from you. I am looking foreword to learning more.
    3. skuderjaymes
      welcome back..
    4. Astrologer4U
      Awo, what is going on with your Avatar, where is my little friend "Ori"? It wouldn't be right for him to not be in your Avatar, I mean, he is you right on. By the way, did you know that the body part ruled by Aries is the Head? Also, I got your Ifa reading and I responded to it at your email, the one you said you don't check often.

    5. Astrologer4U
      Awo, glad you like the picture... Hey, just to fill ya in, I would have never known that you responded to me had I not come back to your page. In order for me to get a notification that you have responded, you would have to click on my name to come to my profile page and post a message. Any way, good to hear back from you, take care and see ya around...

    6. awo dino
      awo dino
      thanks sista Astrologer 4U! Nice!
    7. Astrologer4U
      Good day Awo...:wink:


    8. KMTSista
      LOL, same to you brethren!
    9. KMTSista
      ROTFLMAO, you have got to stop with the one liners, my stomach can't take this much laughing Awo LOL!
    10. awo dino
      awo dino
      If any one is looking for readings, my sister in law reads cards and is excellent. She charges $50. She's in the Dominican Republic and uses their santeria like system.
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    in florida for now
    carpenter, anthropologist, teacher. Right now I te
    I'm married with two daughters. I'm Puerto Rican, raised mostly in L.A., but also spent time in N.Y. and P.R.

    I like to read, i like history and anthropology. i like drumming. Most i like spending time with my girls.