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    Black Poetry : My pen bleeding truth

    Impregnated by the disenfranchised dreams of ancestor forcefully drugged from kingdoms Teetering back in forth in labors pains wondering when the gestation will cease and bring forth freedom Sick and tired of being told to forget about the stretch marks of yesteryears as if all of it can be...
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    Black Poetry : Who we are

    When you speak of a statistic... KNOW that WE are the redefinition We are the demonstration of recycled royalty reflected We are the presentation of the resilience of the slave's seeds We are the dream and hope of forefathers buried toiling for freedom We are the showcase of the conductors of...
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    Black Poetry : monday evening thoughts

    My intellect cannot be defined or confined to a few meager lines Or captured in snapshots of the vernacular articulated in passing For as I matriculate between cultural dimensions and indentations I assimilate into the setting, plot, mood and tone of the scene Not as a chameleon dying...
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    Black Poetry : Gotta Be

    America is definitely a study in a juxtaposition of contradictions and you captured it oh so well
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    Black Poetry : Virtual Personality

    I wrote something similar today. Great minds must think a like. Love your work and your train of thought
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    Black Haiku : Lying images

    I found the picture imagined was only traced yet still saved by grace
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    Black Poetry : Redefining the Algebra of us

    Thanks for the knowledge dropped and your support
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    Black Poetry : Does Black History Month Mean as much as it Once Did?

    I see both sides of the proverbial coin on this issue. For I refused to believe we can be marginalized to footnotes. Yet just as I wear my blackness daily, I believe it's not for our rememberance that black history month is celebrated. It is for others to take note. I love Poetry that...
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    Black Poetry : Sunday Morning ramblings

    I awaken wrapped securely in your arms Feeling content to be safe from harm Blessed to be loved for simply being me Satisfied to allows things to just be Yet even as I settle into your reassurance My mental trys to form plan b insurance The devil on my left whispers "what about the bad days"...
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    Black Poetry : the inner-city school

    Entering what is deemed as equitable didactic place I the instructor begin to scan the array of student faces Looking back at me are immigrants and refugees Students who speak at least two languages or three Student who have no place designated to lay their head Students catching buses to work...
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    Black Poetry : Redefining the Algebra of us

    You are not too proud to beg But you can't unfry the egg Nor unspill the milk cup So it's time to suck it up Get out the stinking pigsty And learn to again soar & fly Never meant to be rock bottom Time to disengage from Sodom Shake the filth from your coat Get their foot off your throat...
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    Black Poetry : Why I write this way

    Phyllis Wheatley
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    Black Poetry : Why I write this way

    Thanks for your support.