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    Black People : COINTELPRO: The FBI's War on Black America

    This is a recent phenomenon in the community It was COINTELPRO's plan to get young Black folks to purchase music celebrating the selling of drugs and selling young women into prostitution. During the end of the Afrocentric period vehemently attacked by COINTELPRO, there were over 15 gangs in...
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    Black People : Poster memory of Dr. King!

    Sissy (derived from sister; also sissy baby, sissy boy, etc.) is a pejorative term for a boy or man who violates or does not meet the traditional male gender role. Generally, sissy implies a lack of courage and stoicism, which are thought important to the male role. A man might also be...
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    Black People : Poster memory of Dr. King!
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    Black People : What Black Person Does What They Want on a Job?

    Exactly! Obama raised more money then two conservative white folks one democrat the other republican, and had the Crown family of General Dynamics bundle donations. Presidency is not a job it is a title, with so many things that the presdent has the power to do, without any say so from any one...
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    Black People : Newt Gingrich says black youth should work as Janitors.

    Republicans and Democrats If it is one thing that is clear after voting for Obama's promises of Hope and Change we Can Believe in and seeing the results after what was heard, is that it is good not to listen to what a politician says but to see what he or she does! Ginrich along with Democrat...
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    Black People : and this attitude toward us persists even today.

    Politics is something one has to look at dispassionately, scientifically and critically. All of that stuff about Cain the Republican party, knew long before the primairies and were well aware when it happened. They used Cain to see after 3 years of Obama were working class and poor whites in...
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    Nigeria : "If I Die, I die but Nigeria has to move".. #OccupyNigeria

    Ok Ok whatever, not going to go through the back and forth, God Bless!
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    Black People : SOPA could shut down this website.

    You make me crack up bro, I laugh when you said that! I was by Nostrand and Kings Highway at around 2;30 and overheard some JHS kids talking loud about filming something they put on youtube that I cant even mention here Like you said before its a matter of culture! My point is however, what...
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    Nigeria : "If I Die, I die but Nigeria has to move".. #OccupyNigeria

    See now, I dont know where in the world you are going with this? what are you talking about, do you have some kind of psychic evidence that these folks were not inspired by the works of Julius Neyere, Samore Michel or Fanon? Are you saying you know for a fact that there more then likely were not...
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    Black People : SOPA could shut down this website.

    Fire can kill or cook a hammer can build or destroy the internet is a tool plain and simple Now if I do not know how to use a pipe threader, I am not going to knock that tool because the plumber can feed his family and help the community with it
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    Black People : Newt Gingrich says black youth should work as Janitors.

    but don't we now have a Black president?
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    Omowale Jabali : What is your Purpose?

    My purpose here was to find find folks doing something real for our race, so I could learn from it or give support, just that there are too many sensitive folks who are not used to people challenging them or asking serious questions. That is why I suggested a solutions only week, just 7 days...
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    Nigeria : "If I Die, I die but Nigeria has to move".. #OccupyNigeria

    I disagree with your words but support your focus, and yes also as you can check the archives here desire Pan Africanism, and yes feel the desperate urgency for it, but it will take time and this is just a small step towards that!
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    Black People : SOPA could shut down this website.

    Oh Snap!!!!! Bro I had to laugh cause, folks been saying that around here in Crown Heights for like the last 12 years! I know exactly what you are saying! And understand the philosophy behind your point! 50 people in a hole with a ladder to the side to get out, aint used that ladder in 20...
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    Meat Recipe : Green Onion and Garlic Baked Fish

    I never realized that about the fresh tuna, no wonder the price has dropped, from 9 dollors to now 4 per pound, and the stores been pushing it like crazy!