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  • No brother that was enough we are reviewing it all to see where he was going with this
    if it was a reply to the content of the thread or something else and need to be moved
    thanks for the report....
    You can post a small part of the content and the link
    but i can't allow it fully because i went to sign it and to complete it
    i'm forced to give something, and to allow it here is like letting members feel they
    are being solicatated with a donation.......IT'S A FORM OF SOLICATATION.

    Post the link and they can go to where it is !
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    Yeah, I had a problem with that myself, it's not the people but it's that doggone site they used for the petition, from what you say it would not look good, and it would be best for me to wait until they get a better site that doesn't beg.
    I've posted my response in your thread but it might be best to post only the link to where people
    can go and sign it / reply or address it.
    I'm afraid that you (like me) have to accept the fact some who post on the destee com forums don't intend to go from just making noise to helping to make a difference..

    I came to your personal page and came across past messages for well wishers...Judging by what they said they feel and think highly of you as well as shareed their concerns about what undermines the forums...This part of your forum limits how much I can write...FYI...
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