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Jan 21, 2016
May 9, 2012
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Aluku United States

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Jan 21, 2016
    1. chuck
      Message received and understood...Thanks for the feedback and the props! (Smile)...
    2. chuck
      Those of us who have a clue must be forgiving (though not forgetting) of those who don't...But only up to a point...Some things one must do for their own sakes...FYI...
      1. Aluku
        No worries man. I understand the bigger picture. That is what's important.
        May 26, 2012
    3. chuck
      Africans living in NYC had travelled to the aformentioned world festival for quite some tme: And black chicago residents some of our distant kinfolk...We're not as 'isolated' as others choose to believe...FYI...
    4. chuck
      King Sunni Aday used to be a mainstay of Detroit's African World Fetival...I doubt any or many destee posters ever heard of him...FYI...
    5. chuck
      There's no sense of history etc. among the most young (or not so young) posters here...They not bad people, but I wonder about their convinctions, etc., hence their agenda/viewpoints..FYI...
    6. chuck
      Folks in the states give lip service to the idea of an united black disapora...They act as though only their 'us' vs 'them' agenda matters...Them being white folks...FYI...
    7. chuck
      The illusion is a 'one size fits all' notion of 'blackness'...The reality is that one John Horse, a Black Seminole leader and his Seminole allies, freed as many black folk as our dear sister Harriet Tubman had to on her own, though some ole so 'afrocentric' folk dare to claim we don't give props to our black ancestors too...FYI...
    8. chuck
      Females tend to be more forgiving (up to a point), whereas we males to respond to an challenged quicker, i. e., be more upfront (particularly based on our life experiences)...But this isn't the era I came of age in...And today's generations take longer to just grow up let alone act like mature adults...FYI...
    9. chuck
      There is only one standard, be that person 'square' or so 'hip' ...Talk is cheap/actions speak louder than words...Some just make noise: Others are striving to make a difference...Their comebacks are cheap shots, and you have a right to air your opinions...FYI...
    10. Ms Drea
      Ms Drea
      Welcome to Destee, Aluku
      Love & Blessings,
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