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  • Hey Sister All!
    Thanks for checking out the west side of Destee,lol
    I was suppose to come to Milwaukee today..but stuff came up.
    Love & Blessings,
    Greetings allgonemilw...I'm just glad that u would except me as a friend ...now that i know where your crib is ..i'll drop and visit more often...buy the way my favorite is pecan pie... hint hint!! hahahahhaha..

    Lilpea :1on1:
    Sister, I just discovered the two(2) User Notes you left and I am too honored to be your friend, keep pushing and you will make it, for real, for real....you are surrounded by loyal friends here, just test us, okay:)

    And thank you for causing me to pay attention to the User Notes, there is so much here, even I overlook some of the resources.........Peace In my sister friend, allgonemilw

    And what a pleasant pop-in allgonemilw, you are so, so sweet too! And the Tea is great:)....take care my sister friend.

    Anytime a Queen wants to talk, I'm all heart, mind and soul. It was my honor that u let me hear you and even trusted me to do so. That speaks volumes alone.
    Thank You
    Sister allgonemilw,

    Well, don't you look good in your green dress:). Yep, I think you are for real this time sister, and the quickness with which you support the community speaks volumes to you being on track, is great allgonemilw. Just making friends and stuff, great!

    Your Friend.........Clyde
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