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  • Sistah,
    What you going thru is to be expected. Its a rough road but if u make it past the 1st week it gets better. When ever you crave one, breath as you have been doing but also tell yourself you dont want it/nor need it. This is as much physical as it is mental.
    Ma'at Hetep
    How is er-thang working out so far? Did you find that product or something like it? Be strong, be strong
    Ma'at Hetep
    Welcome Again Sister to Destee...
    I am so glad your here
    Reading and sharing with US!

    Thank You
    :hi:Sister Allgone

    I smoke cigars sometimes...
    Ok Often...I quit.. then I start again.. stress.. this life ( people and things like the job and children,and don't forget the bills ) can trigger stress..

    So I am working to minimizing the triggers.
    Good luck on quitting.
    You have my blessing on that!

    I am going to quit too..

    I know I will pick up on another of my ( fun, and enjoyable ) bad habits..
    Hey Queen. The products name is Smokers Cleanse by Renew Life. Its a 30 day program and all "Natural". You should be able to get it from a health store near you. It works pretty good and so far I havent smoked. It contains 3 bottles, the 1st one cleans the toxins out of ur system, the second helps with the urge to smoke, the 3rd helps u sleep at night.
    Im wishing you all the luck Queen. Lets give these devils back there poison.
    Maat Hetep
    Dont use that patch, Imma send you some ifo on what I use, Its all natural and it works. Been smoke free for 2weeks, I will send it to you soon
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