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  • Hey sis, hang in there, hang tough. smoking is something I indulge in when ever I'm stressed--but I don't inhale. (how crazy is that?) Round here, you buy a pack of ciggies and everybody bums.....Please tell me how the heck do you borrow a cigarette? At any rate, I truly know better, so I quit--again. If it's mind over matter, I know your "mind" is way stronger than any "matter"............and you will conquer this thing!
    Replace the food wit with fruit. Its gonna be hard but you almost there. Never forget to change the things that you do when you were smoking. I f you watched tv or whatever change ur situation. You almost there, be strong and Im sending all "Positive energy ur way".
    Ma'at Hetep
    wow....that is good that you have such a will power to outshine the craving once you get pass the first week or two it will become less on your mind and a craving for keep the strong will up you doing good .....I'll be checking up on you often to see how it's going much love sis
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