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    Black Spirituality Religion : if you are a God a God builds, and a devil destroys

    For those who oppose religion, part of the "building" is destroying that constructs of men that enslave our minds. Sometimes the old has to be torn down in order to "build" the new in its place. Two buildings can not occupy the same land.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : What is the fear???

    Fear of simple questions only presents itself when a person is trying to PROTECT SOMETHING OR HIDE SOMETHING. FEAR AND TRUTH very rarely reside in the same place. Peace and Love
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    Black Spirituality Religion : DOES DEBATING REQUIRE MATURITY???????

    Many people dislike debate. They believe it to be futile. However, a well constructed, factually based debate is one of the highest forms of learning. Maybe it is that we are not in the mindset of "learning". Truth REQUIRES the willingness to change. Going into a debate (or any form of...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : CURSE OF SLAVE MAKING RELIGIONS

    Yeshua represented in the movie is a myth as for any reference to his divinity is. The Fall of the black race has to do with our desires and directions. We chase what we believe is important. In our case we always chase culture, tradition, religion, spirituality. In their case they chase...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : This is Deep: Hilter and the Black Israelites

    Great info! When the Khazars took over Judaism they tried to erase the records that Jews were first black. Question though...Since the Noah story is MYTH, then are any of us Hammites or Shemites??
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Do you believe Christ is the saviour of the world??

    Understood. I told you I was pretty good at defending the faith when I was a!! Peace and Love
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Do you believe Christ is the saviour of the world??

    Astrologer. I feel exactly like you do now. It was an old response to and old question. I have been awakened thankfully. But, to answer your question...the rhetorical question of IF NOT JESUS THEN WHO? Is a good one for the believer because it is clear to them that noone else did the...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Does Religion Keep Us Divided?

    It is not elitist to ask a person to REASON with you and compare ideas to see which one holds truth. THAT IS HOW ONE FINDS TRUTH. I do agree that intolerance is a big problem. But, as it pertains to religion there are many situations where the INTOLERANCE comes from the believer. If we are...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Can You Live and Let Live ?

    Well.... Christians BOMB abortion clinics and other things in the name of their religion Muslims commit Jihad for their religions. We isolate, divide, ostracize, demean, denounce, discourage, judge, and go to war because of religion. Religion is the most divisive thing in the...
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Have You Ever Owned a Business ?

    Make money by possibly selling copies of the collections. Many times people want copies of the books, art, media that they feel is best. In addition merchandising (such as t-shirts, posters, hats, mugs..etc) can serve as both profit centers and marketing. And lastly, a small coffee...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Horus vs. Jesus

    Is indifference the same as support?
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Do you believe Christ is the saviour of the world??

    Wow @ the Blast from the Past Originally Posted by A007 View Post I believe Jesus is the saviour of the world. For if he is not...then who is? And, if there is no saviour, then we are left with ourselves to secure our salvatio, and that is just not possilbe given our nature...