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  • A007,
    Take notice of the new Forum created by Destee for our group. It is now the Origin of Racism Forum. We now have everything under one roof. There is no need to create any relevant threads, unless Group Think designates a purpose, this has been a Blessing.

    A007,(this is a cut and paste to brown_hOrnet--for you)


    We had a very impromptu meeting today, nevertheless a good one. The principles, other than myself and Zulile, weren't available, but for good reasons, all is well.

    I am in receipt of your information, it is excellent! Right away, the floride info is proper for the Destee.comNewsletter, obviously, and should find a place inside the book. I am certain the table of contents will reflect health issues.

    I will advise you as I have others, this project is under going growing pains, and has to be flexible until it is set, after which point we shall move with lightning speed toward the goal. So, hang in there with us, and keep the faith.............Clyde
    Before you create another thread, we have two already, the original and the group thread, the group thread is located under "online teacher." (directions are listed below) Consider using it for the purposes we discussed.

    Thanks for taking clare of the Friendship thing, I see you also made the Memphis connection with mizjoice...........I am here whenever you decide to call.........Clyde
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