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  • A007, here is the cut and paste as promised:


    Here is the input for consideration in the Destee.comNewsletter from a Group Think perspective:

    Many of us are wanting to wear Destee.com T-Shirts

    1. Perhaps an article to feel the pulse of the Community
    2. Once established, T-Shirts for sale would be on-going
    3. Poll members for style and color of T-Shirts
    4. Design T-Shirts and Newsletter as revenue generating

    Site navigation procedures

    1. How to navigate hard to find threads on site
    2. How to use the profile features, e-mail etc...
    3. What’s available to non-Premium Members

    Devote a section to Astrology

    1. Allowing Astrologer4U to devise a perpetual astrological plan:

    2. The plan includes adult, family and child concerns

    Devote a section to a 12 Step Program

    1. Allowing trutothecause to devise a perpetual program:
    2. Recovery for African descendants

    Solicit members for Articles of interest

    1. Establish volunteers desiring to make regular contributions

    Create a section to Feature certain Threads or Topics of Interest

    1. Certain threads are hot and interesting should be highlighted with excerpts
    2. These excerpts will provide navigation to the threads
    3. Provide new members with FAQ (frequently asked questions)
    4. This would be perpetual base on constant new membership

    A Section highlighting Achievers within the Family

    1. Awards, announcements etc...
    2. Local Community Awards
    3. Accomplishments: inside/outside the Community
    4. List of published authors within the Community
    5. List any viable skills a Community member may possess/offer
    6. Ascertain number of College students participating on site

    Site Promotion

    1. Promote the variety of Forums available
    2. Promote Site Features and Benefits over competitors
    3. Archives(wealth of topics available)
    4. Solicit members as points of distribution:
    5. Examples: soulosophy, Ikoro, HanaCampbell(overseas markets)
    6. Stateside markets
    7. Promote well researched Threads/Forums as informational sources
    Here is a cut and paste update of our last meeting:

    Progress Report

    The Origin of Racism Group held it’s 8th meeting, December 04th, 2008. The Group Think(GT) meeting was promptly called at 10:00 AM Eastern and concluded at 10:45 AM Eastern. For a period of 15 minutes, a question and answer was conducted. With attention paid to return member, Velley Pateah. Pateah’s interest was duly noted and solicited.

    In attendance for GT were brown_hOrnet, and Clyde C. Coger, Jr. In the absence of a quorum, the members in attendance agreed to suspend further issues so as not to inundate the catch up process for the third participant.

    Outstanding Issues awaiting Consensus

    Clarity of Purpose
    In House name and/or publication title
    Question: What is the Origin of Racism(continued discussion)
    Issues that Divide us(Obama, Meat eaters vs Vegetarians, Religion, etc...)

    Conclusion: brown_hOrnet will offer his expertise to Zulile regarding a successful launch of the expected Destee.comNewsletter in 2009. Clyde will submit to Zulile as well, a Group Think perspective toward centerpiece components for a revenue generating document of high interest, to build upon. The members also agreed that a successful Newsletter carries invaluable on-going insight for our members, as well as those outside of Destee.com. With that, the members are comfortable with the direction the project, Group Think, is going; while realizing one the major goals of the plan is in the making. All in all in was a very good 8th meeting of the Group.

    (The following GT members, A007 and Keita are expected to provide input to the above outstanding issues, before our next meeting on December 11th, 2008 @ 10:00AM Central. If done properly by posted replies to this thread, we should be able to reach consensus, if not, these items will be the subject of that meeting, provided there is quorum in attendance).

    Our meeting is now scheduled for Thursday's from 9:00AM to 10:00AM Central! Please confirm your acceptance!

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Brother A007,

    It has become necessary to alter our current Group Think meeting schedule of 12:30 to 01:30 Eastern on Tuesday to possibly Thursday mornings up to 11:00 Central. After much discussion, it was decided that the current schedule conflicted with the oldsoul radio show which aired on the same day/time.

    If Thursday mornings up to 11:00 AM Central is not a good time, please advised your best day and time schedule. Tuesday is no longer an option. Please provide as many times as possible so as to facilitate the selection process.................................Clyde
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