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    I am writing to let all GT members know that I will no longer be participating in the GT project as an active member. Please accept my apology for any and all inconvenience my resigning may cause. I am optimistic that you will continue without falter and succeed beyond measure. The reason for my departure is somewhat personal and no doubt incendiary, so I will not post it here in order that there are no hard feelings left behind. If the group still would like my chapter as an addendum (The Origin of Racism) then I will be more than happy to supply it when called upon. You all have by best wishes, support, and love. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Peace and Love,

    Well A007,

    We are sad to see you go.

    Yes, we would still like to see the chapter as an addendum (The Origin of Racism).

    By the way, did you ever get in touch with your contact on the T-Shirts... to get quotes? Please let us know about this because we are still searching for the right distributor and we are still looking to keep this as much Black owned as possible.
    Hey A007-

    I went through and 'prefixed' one of your threads. I was just letting you know so that it does not catch you by surprise.

    Peace and Blessings!
    Brother A007,

    Thank you for accepting the Truce which maintains the continuing effort of Group Think, having grown to the following additional members:

    Tariq Muhammad

    Original Standing active Members:

    Jahari Kavi
    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.

    At present, the above Destee.com members have come together and each of us are commited to the success of the group and Destee.com to deliver needed information, bonding and sustenance to our total Black Community from an Internet perspective, which should trickle down to our personal communities.

    Again, thanks Brother


    While I do understand your points, not the best thing to do and never given an alternative thought and evil is ignorance, the question is still what is the orgin of racism, which typically implies the so-called white race as superior to the so-called black race.

    And in that reqard, ignorance as you attest, does not imply that they didn't know what they were doing, can be construed to mean that they at least had limited knowledge to do the things they did.

    Once again, lets not split hairs but lets reach a consensus on the question pertaining to the origin of racism as defined and understood by all to mean that whites are superior to blacks.

    Progress Report

    The Origin of Racism Group held it’s 9th meeting, December 11th, 2008. The Group Think (GT) meeting was promptly called at 10:00 AM Eastern and concluded at 10:45 AM Eastern. For a period of 15 minutes, a question and answer was conducted. The absence of any such questions or statements from Family members also in attendance is a strong indication that the process is clear in its progress and backed soundly by others.

    In attendance and on the mic for GT were brown_hOrnet, and Clyde C. Coger, Jr., and telephonically, A007. In the absence of a qualified quorum, the members in attendance agreed to suspend further issues so as not to inundate the catch up process for the third participant.

    Information concerning the launch of the Destee.comNewsletter was key and central, to include receipt of all promised input. brown_hOrnet explained efforts taken in the solicitation of the third member, and the agreed upon desire to balance GT with Female participation. New member, Jahari Kavi posted well-received comments to the below issues.

    Outstanding Issues awaiting Consensus

    Clarity of Purpose
    In House name and/or publication title
    Question: What is the Origin of Racism (continued discussion)
    Issues that Divide us (Obama, Meat eaters vs. Vegetarians, Religion, etc.)

    (The following GT members, A007 and Keita are expected to provide input to the above outstanding issues, before our next meeting on December 18th, 2008 @ 10:00AM Central. If done properly by posted replies to this thread, we should be able to reach consensus, if not, these items will be the subject of that meeting, provided there is quorum in attendance).
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