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  • A007...a cut and paste to kemetkind on the question:

    Brother kemetkind,

    Below is a question from A007, to which answer from you could very well get us started on the road that you suggested in the KJV thread....Peace In kemetkind.


    I think the fundamental difference in HOW to free people from mental slavery prevents that from happening. RU and I are CLEAR that calling the bible the word of God PREVENTS the mental freedom that is necessary for our people to move forward. So, although Clyde and Music are our brothers, it seems that until we get to the TRUTH that we can NOT TEACH THE TRUTH! Kemet, what do you think?
    Originally Posted by A007
    I am writing to let all GT members know that I will no longer be participating in the GT project as an active member. Please accept my apology for any and all inconvenience my resigning may cause. I am optimistic that you will continue without falter and succeed beyond measure. The reason for my departure is somewhat personal and no doubt incendiary, so I will not post it here in order that there are no hard feelings left behind. If the group still would like my chapter as an addendum (The Origin of Racism) then I will be more than happy to supply it when called upon. You all have by best wishes, support, and love. Thanks for the opportunity.

    Peace and Love,


    Brother A007, I don't know why you've left, but I really wish you would stay. If I have something to do with you leaving, I apologize. I haven't held my weight with the brothers and I'm sorry.

    If the source is outside of Destee, I still ask you to reconsider. I know how much is going on right now. But we'll get to to top of the mountain together, not alone. Together. For Real
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