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    Science and Technology : Atom, ARM, and BS...a rant

    I'm sure you know what I'm referring to, so spare me the tripe. As for the steam reference, it should have been obvious I was joking. Again, are you suggesting that users are not diverse? And again, spare me the marketing tripe. Define "desktop users." You have determined that...
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    Science and Technology : Atom, ARM, and BS...a rant

    Do you really believe this marketing tripe? What is "suitable?" Are you suggesting that users are not diverse? On what do you base these sweeping generalizations? Please elaborate. At no point have I even suggested that my preferences define all of computing. Incorrect...
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    Science and Technology : Error code (help pls)

    Your computer is malfunctioning because you have not honored your ancestors. You must sacrifice two virgins, a goat, and an albino. Then you must bathe in hot sauce and the sweat of a wh0re. Then you must give me $5000 and all will be right in the universe.
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    Haiti : The Militarization of Emergency Aid to Haiti: Is it a Humanitarian Operation or an In

    Are you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ kidding me? You know while you're talking about this situation like this is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ entertainment real people are living this. Why not lay off the propaganda, tabloid stories, and other "news?" SMDH
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    Black Spirituality Religion : World’s oldest ritual discovered

    "Snake worship?" Don't you LOVE that shallow, eurocentric, dismissive mentality? Anyway, good stuff.
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    Black People : Are blacks in America "A Nation within A Nation"

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    Science and Technology : Atom, ARM, and BS...a rant

    To put it simply, the line between the two is a joke. BTW For the record, I am not a fan of smartphones, not at all, and never have been and most likely never will be. Please clarify. Incorrect. This matter isn't that simple, and such a question ignores A LOT. Funny thing...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Indigenous African Slavery :em2300:
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    Senegal : Senegal offers land to Haitians

    SMDH I'm sure that for some people such an offer is beneficial, but regardless one cannot ignore the reality of this world. Haiti is run by white-controlled stooges and unfortunately so are many nations of the continent. I don't think this fact should be dismissed or ignored. Also, people...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Are Religion and Science Mutually Exclusive?

    Calling Afrikan "faith" and Christianity religions is like saying intimacy and assault are the same thing.
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    Black People : Black Brazilian mother gave birth to three white children

    This article is definitely suspect, but if you look closely(or rather if you can stomach looking for longer than a second), it appears(photoshop maybe, who knows)that those children are hers.
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    Tanzania : Tanzania: Albino Attacks

    Cherryblossom, are you head of some kind of albino nationalist group? The snow leopards? :SuN049:
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    Black People : Black Brazilian mother gave birth to three white children

    Maybe people didn't respond because they were too CREEPED THE FK OUT by these kids Where's the picture of the father? Anyway, the mother is clearly biracial. The father of all the kids is either biracial or white, so this isn't shocking. It's also possible she signed up to be a labrat...