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    Beauty - Hair Care - Fashion : AfroStyle magazine.....

    I’m growing my Afro now. The Afro looks nice to me, especially the long ones, I’ve seen some melanated females with beautiful Afros, I like the locs too. I’ve already convinced my sisters not to perm their daughters hair. I also convinced em to buy their girls black dolls instead of white ones...
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    Black People : The "I Don’t See Color. I Just See People" Trick

    I never bought into that I don't see color sh*t either. It's just an evasive maneuver. The first thing people notice about you is your color. When you look for a job they ask what's your race. Just looking at the different things you have to sign up, and file for lets you know how important race...
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    Black Relationships : How Important is Black Love

    Seeing all the dysfunction can leave you discouraged. I stay to myself, and rarely interact with people. There's this brother who comes to my house to drink, and vent about how badly his woman treats him. He's a good dude, and you know men like him get messed over alot of the time. He saw I was...
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    Black Relationships : How can you tell a guy is just interested in just sex and not a relationship?

    Most men get at you with the idea of smashing a woman at the forefront. If he sticks around after he gets what he want is entirely up to him. So even if you play that withhold the coochy game, he still might get it, and bail on you from making him go through all kinds of obstacle courses just to...
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    Black People : The New Caucasian Race

    Them white boys doing everything they can to put out the fire cooking they a*s to death huh? I heard a few reports of their birthrates having a severe decline, medical problems, and a need for inner organs. Drug abuse, and suicide numbers have risen as dramatically as their birthrates have...
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    Black People Politics : Where is Black Political Leadership in America in 2017 and 2018?

    they need to stop selling out, and kissing a*s for empty promises. majority of people put individual gain above what their race can gain as a whole. sh*t that looked obvious to my eyes is completely overlooked by others, building a nation? who has the foresight, and the want to see his people...
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    Law Forum : Spring Valley Is Everywhere: When Being A Black Girl Is Your Only Crime - Join Us Tuesday, Nov 3

    yeah sh*t like this piss me off, I've seen police officers abuse and manhandle black women on videos, with men standing there like cowards letting em slap or punch the woman, black women do a lot of sh*t that piss me off, like not caring about their history, but I'll never leave one em hanging...
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    Black People : Can Malcolm's Mission be Ressurected. Will we Resurrect it?

    :lol: I know it's not funny honored elder, but it's true to such a appalling degree, I gotta laugh to smother the contempt and rage I feel, people actually act like nothing is going on, our people are too naive
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    Black People : Can Malcolm's Mission be Ressurected. Will we Resurrect it?

    eh alarm clock, I believe our honored ancestors energy is already being channeled, I was thinking of making an altar for him a few days ago, and look at your thread, I think our honored elder is reaching back out to us from the spirit realm, I was going through his videos and felt great sorrow...
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    start shooting they a*s, if I had kids and something like this happened somebody is going to pay for it, since the government won't hold them accountable it looks like we need other stronger methods as a deterrent, it seems that using excessive force against unarmed blacks will remain a policy...
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    Law Forum : Mississippi African Americans besieged by illegal searches, ACLU lawsuit says

    what you mean? when I say what I say on here you best believe I verbalize, I got my picture up there and on my gmail so people can see who it is saying what he's saying, I don't hide on the internet, I'm a whole different breed, maybe your heart pump a different blood so you can't relate, ima...
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    Law Forum : Mississippi African Americans besieged by illegal searches, ACLU lawsuit says

    lol oh you dislike what I'm saying? but just because you don't like something doesn't make it go away, but we are all entitled to our own opinions, I don't mind an expression of a conflicting view, I encourage it in fact, my people's views are important to me
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    Law Forum : Mississippi African Americans besieged by illegal searches, ACLU lawsuit says

    Black people gotta be organized to push things forward, the world doesn't take you serious because they have these coon a*s celebrities at the forefront as your leaders, plus other mind controlled blacks going against the grain, and refusing to check themselves. Trump and his masters are ready...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : people lying about astral experiences make a mockery out of something sacred here's one i had at 7

    Thanks for sharing, I try to get people to open up more about this, yeah you shouldn't force it, that may cause you to see something that will terrify you, making you shy away without ever attempting it again: which would be a pity, this is a wonderful art, I want more people interested in it
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    Black People : Men of Color and Attraction

    The average black person you meet is ill informed, not knowing that television and beauty magazines try to steer you towards a desire for a certain image, the ones controlling the cash flow in any country can dictate, and subtly suggest things via television, or other visual apparatus. This...